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President-Elect Trump and a Dead Fidel Castro… Best November in a long time!

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Today’s Items:

China’s Bubble

In a stunningly honest admission from the governor of China’s central bank, he exclaimed multiple times to his G-20 colleagues that a bubble in his country had “burst.” In fact, while Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew paints China as a currency manipulator, China’s downturn has created worldwide deflation as seen in the Core Personal Consumption Expenditures index and the CRB Index.

Nightmare Scenario

The current situation is slowing creeping at this point towards a bad outcome. As an example, the European Central Bank is monetizing over half of the gross issuance and 12% of the Eurozone GDP. While over in Japan, the Bank of Japan cannot continue its current QE program and will have no choice but to start tapering it down. In South America, Venezuela is running at 808% inflation. In the U.S., stocks dropped 273 points after jobs report came out.

U.S. Uses Al Qaeda

Confirmed by senior U.S. military leadership, the U.S. has already been conspiring since as early as 2007 to use the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, and other hardline sectarian militant groups to violently overthrow Syria in a bid to wage proxy, then eventually, a direct war on Iran where Russia is building a military base.

Wimpy President

As Obama makes excuses for five Chinese warships in U.S. waters, it is becoming clear that the advances of Russia, China, and Iran all show is how weak the U.S. has become under a president who refuses to defend the country’s most basic national security interests, and fails to respond to clear provocations. In short, the Chinese are mocking Obama.


Hillary Clinton is now apologizing that her use of personal email is confusing to people and that she is saddened that voters don’t trust her. With that said, she continues to dodge questions as why she wiped her e-mail sever clean before the FBI took it into custody. Unreliable sources state she continues to claim “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

Christian AR-15

A Florida gun maker is marketing an anti-Muslim AR-15 carbine, named “the Crusader” that has a Bible verse laser-etched on the right side of the rifle. Needless to say, Muslims and likely Obama are appalled and will work to get that gun banned. To increase the effectiveness of this weapon, there is gun oil out there with pig fat in it.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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