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  1. Most news sources (mainstream AND alternative alike) are typically pessimistic about the World outlook – economically, environmentally, nutritionally, culturally, etc. Just about every aspect of this dreaded future comes either directly or indirectly from the efforts of the United States government carrying out its mandate from the British government.

    For me, there are bright spots – a new Declaration of Independence, a re-issuance of the Declaration issued in 1776, amended & updated. This re-declaration is not a light activity. It is serious and should have some serious effect. It is not being reported on by any of the media, not RT News, not SGT Report, or King World News. Certainly not by the mainstream media. I’m sure Alex Jones is aware of it, but I don’t hear him saying much about it. If one follows the source of this Declaration, one can see the seriousness and not light hearted intent with which it has been issued.

    I urge people to go to the website and consider signing this new Declaration. The signature page is:
    “Soldier Hugs”

    One can view, download & save the actual Declaration in PDF format at:
    “We The People Now Re-Declare…..”

    Click to access DECLARATION-OF-INDEPENDENCE-2012-no-preamble.pdf

    Recently a new article has been circulating about computer security (or lack of) and many technically inclined people are in a panic about it:
    “New Intel based PC’s PERMANENTLY hackable”

    Receivers of this email might well look at Netsukuku, software that will obviate the FCC’s and United Nations’ control over the Internet (and possibly cell phones).

    “Netsukuku – Alternative P2P Wireless Internet Network”

    Netsukuku Community

    This software could be released as early as next month – December 2012.

    We need to climb out of our pessimism and look for real, long term solutions to the plight we are in. If we don’t look for and find these long term solutions and make them widely known, we will surely succumb.

    It is vastly more important to distribute and make known the solutions than it is to make known the problems. Most people can see & feel the problems, but do not have the technical know-how or personal will power to come up with solutions, so they become “sheepeople” in their apathy. We must make these solutions known to them.

  2. Great sites!
    Other good ones are Press TV and

  3. You provide significant content that is straight to the point and referenced without all the filler as most other alternative news sources do. I’m really impressed with your consistency and I would love to talk to you if you have time. Keep up the fantastic work!


    Ruth C Eason

    • Hi Ruth, just send me your contact information via my Youtube messages HYPER REPORT and I will get back with you 🙂

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