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President-Elect Trump and a Dead Fidel Castro… Best November in a long time!


130411 – GMO Lies Exposed

Today’s Items:

Obama’s Budget

The 3.77 trillion dollar Obama budget, sent to Capital Hill, is just full of goodies.     It reduces COLA for social Security, cuts Medicare and other healthcare programs, and cuts defense spending.    It raises taxes and implements the 30% “Buffett Rule” on those making 1 million dollars, or more.    Despite all the tax increases and spending cuts, Obama’s budget, with phantom revenues, is not even fiscally sound in fantasy land.     In short, Obama continues his legacy as weak in leadership, the economy, and on his knees to America’s enemies.

American Flu

A Chinese Air Force officer has accused the U.S. government of releasing the H7N9 bird flu virus into China in hopes that it would create the same conditions as SARS did in 2003.    Normally, this could be dismissed; however, the criminal behavior of the U.S. Government in recent years makes one have to sadly believe that this may be possible.     After all, it was the U.S. government led NATO that bombed Libyan schools, hospitals, food supply and water pipelines that placed thousands of innocent civilians in mortal danger.


Goldman Sacks has done it again.       As they announce lowering gold prices, they sold Treasuries to their muppets err… customers as they bought their gold in exchange.    Even with the horrific drop in the Bitcoin price,  I’m surprised that Goldman Sachs did not sell their clients 100,000 dollar Bitcoins yet.

Secret FDIC Bail-In Plans

Secret FDIC regulations are in place that are not publicly acknowledged; however, when the next financial crisis hits…
1. Systematically important banks will be designated to be saved.
2. The FDIC will directly control banks that are at risk of default.
3. Depositor savings will be written down, in other words, like Cyprus, looted.
There is no reason not to get your money out of banks now.

Biotech Lies Exposed

A breakthrough research report details how unlike GMO corn, non-GMO corn is 20 times richer in nutrition and is not highly toxic.     So, it appears that Monsanto has engaged in massive criminal fraud with claims that GMOs are ‘substantially equivalent’ to non-GMOs.     No wonder the Monsanto Protection Act was passed.

New York Times Rejects Monsanto

How bad must things be when even the New York Times has joined the flood of criticism of Monsanto’s fraud of genetically-engineered food.     In fact, even Monsanto’s Roundup is failing because of evolved superweeds that are immune to the poison.    There is hope yet folks; so, keep telling people how Monsanto is apparently nothing more than a failing poison shop for fools; such as, the voters in California.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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