5 Things That Could Quite Save Your Life

News Flash:

Garlic – Has several hundred therapeutic properties.

Honey – Helps in burns, bacterial infections and some ulcers.

Apples – Helps in allergies and some form of cancers.

Sunlight – Helps in production of vitamin D.

Turmeric – Helps with tumors, some cancers, and DNA damage.

Source: http://www.greenmedinfo.com

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Food Storage Ideas

In the event of emergency, please make sure that you, and your family, have enough food stored away.  In addition, it is more important that you have a long term water solution in place because it would be difficult for the average person to store their minimum water needs for a year (365.25 days x 2 gallons/day = 730 gallons).

Time Frame 1 year

  1 person 2 people 4 people Unit
Almont Butter  1 2 4 quarts
Beef Gelatin  1 2 4 pounds
Dry Beans  116 232 464 pounds
Dry Lentils  2 4 8 pounds
Dry Soup Mix  7 14 28 pounds
Dry Soy Beans  2 4 8 pounds
Dry Split Peas  2 4 8 pounds
Dry Yeast  5 10 20 pounds
Flour  20 40 80 pounds
Granulated Sugar  40 80 160 pounds
Honey  5 10 20 pounds
Multi-vitamins  400 800 1600 Pills
Nonfat Dry Milk  14 28 56 pounds
Peanut Butter  2 4 8 quarts
Pearled Barley  5 10 20 pounds
Quinoa  30 60 120 pounds
Rice  100 200 400 pounds
Rolled Oats  66 132 264 pounds
Salt  8 16 32 pounds
Spaghetti Or Macaroni  40 80 160 pounds
Water  28 56 112 gallons
Wheat  100 200 400 pounds
White Rice  80 160 320 pounds

Do not forget other spices for flavor.

Note: Iron will oxidize (rust) – removing oxygen from the atmosphere; thus, placing iron filings within airtight containers of foods like rice and beans will prolong the life dramatically.

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