NAFTA is a FAILURE! I wanted to make sure the facts were straight… There is, without a doubt, an ongoing trade deficit between the U.S. and Mexico. $58 billion in 2016 and $60 billion in 2015. In fact, the U.S. has not had a SINGLE trade surplus with Mexico since 1993.


170126 – Trump vs Sanctuary Cities

President Trump’s executive order of publication of crimes by illegals in sanctuary cities is going to do two things….

  1. It will expose the crimes committed by non-citizens of those cities as citizens lives are placed in danger by their Democrat leaders.
  2. If a similar crime occurs after the publication, relatives of the victims can sue individual leaders in those cities for being complicit in a criminal action.

In addition, each weeks list should be added to the prior week to increase the impact. On the side, perhaps Trump should also publish a list of all the offenses committed by Obama’s pardoned criminals as well.