Targeting Journalists?

Officials at the FBI have sent a bulletin to reporters warning them that ISIS have identified reporters and media personalities as ‘targets’ for retribution attacks.     Now, the question is, with the media becoming more hostile towards Obama, and his anti-American policies…    Is this really an attempt to intimidate the media and force them to continue presenting the Obama propaganda?    We will see.



Obama Fails to Warn Americans

As the 13th anniversary of 9-11 approaches, Obama, and the mainstream media, have been eerily quiet about the 11 commercial airliners reported stolen by Islamic terrorists from a Libyan airport a little over a week ago.    It should have been headline news across the country.     Apparently, Obama is more interested in saving face, or golfing, than protecting innocent Americans, by downplaying the threat.

In fact, despite photos of the terrorists posing next to the stolen airplanes, the Obama administration is still claiming it has no information confirming the hijacking of the planes.