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130211 – Protect The Children

Today’s Items:

Cracks Appear in European Banking Union Scheme

Germany, and other so-called economically-strong EU countries, are reluctant to put themselves on the line for bad loans made by economically-weak nations like Spain.    EU countries want their banks to pay into a fund to shoulder the cost of collapse; however, how can these zombie banks make payments with money they do not have?    It would appear that the EU needs to declare bankruptcy and be done with it.

How to Survive the Illusion of Recovery

John Williams, of Shatdowstats, says that there is no economic recovery.    In fact, he says that the fraudulent inflation statistics are creating an alternate reality that is unsustainable.    Separate from the real unemployment that is higher than the bogus figure put out, the only reason that retail sales increased year-over-year was because of inflation.    Although he cannot give any hard numbers, he expects inflation to increase rapidly.

Fake American Eagle Silver Coins Surface

Because of the currency crisis, it is not a surprise that there will be more and more counterfeit silver coins out there. In fact, recently a 2011 American Eagle silver coin recently passed as genuine at a coin shop in Toronto.    If you suspect a coin being fake then test it.    Also, make sure you are buying silver and gold from a reputable dealer like Honest Benji Bernanke’s pawn shop.    Not!

Banks vs. Credit Unions

It’s unlikely that credit unions will ever become as popular or large as banks; however, a lot of people have decided to give up large banks in favor of smaller credit unions.    See, while banks may offer more services, as a member of a credit union, you are actually a part owner.    In short, you can either be a number or a business owner…     Your choice.

Radioactive Recycled Metal

The U.S. government is trying to get rid of thousands of tons of radioactive scrap metal that has been accumulated over the years.    A DOE proposal is to recycle it into consumer products like belt buckles or silverware.    If approved, the DOE could soon be responsible for triggering the widespread poisoning of the public with even more low-dose radiation via metal-based consumer products.

Mandatory Gun Insurance

Using Obamacare as a model, could those in Washington impose a mandatory yearly insurance fee for having a gun?    Bills have been offered unsuccessfully in Massachusetts and New York since at least 2003.     So, where do I buy insurance against government tyranny?

Obama Waives Bush Law Banning Child Soldiers

In 2008, Bush signed a bipartisan law that made it a federal crime to recruit or use soldiers under the age of 15.    Now, Obama, defying federal law signed a Presidential memorandum that essentially states that it is no longer in the best interest of the U.S. to protect children from combat.     So, with a stroke of a pen, Obama, who received the Nobel Peace Prize, has endangered more children in the world.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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