SJW-ing Entertainment

I used to wonder what the hell a graduate in disciplines like Women’s Studies were going to do in life. What kind of career were they going for?

After what has been going on in the past few years, it now appears that the answer to this question has revealed itself.

Between Social Media and the crap that has been placed before the movie going public, we now know what is going on…

Get a degree in Women’s Studies to preach a bunch of fantasy BS and aid in the destruction of major entertainment venues; such as, Star Wars, Star Trek, Ghostbusters 2016, Dr. Who, X-Men, Terminator(coming out soon) and so on. And if that were not bad enough, there are the ‘bat shit’ crazy projects, like “Captain Marvel” and “Bat Woman” from the Cringe Worthy network that appeals mostly to SJWs .

Perhaps the reason for all of this SJW transformation of established entertainment franchises can be summed into one sentence… Since the majority of people strongly dislike SJWs, the reimagining of entertainment will give the SJWs something to do when they are home alone discovering new cat friends.

I know I am not saying anything revolutionary here, but I am definitely not putting down my hard earned money for anything remotely associated with the SJW movement since I would prefer entertainment and not being being lectured at with a philosophy geared the stupid.