2015 Predictions

Here are some hopeful predictions for the coming year….

1. Obama will become transparant and will tell the truth; in regards, to the many scandals surrounding him.
2. The Federal Reserve will issue a statement stating that they have committed treason by debauching the U.S. currency.
3. The Department of Justice will start prosecuting current, and past, Too-Big-For-Jail bankers for gold and silver manipulation.
4. Custodians for the ETF’s of commodities, will admit to paper short selling.
5. Nancy Pelosi will grow a brain while Boehner grows a pair.
6. Congress will begin reading the bills that they vote on.
7. Obamawreck, the National Defence Authorization Act, and the not-so Patriot Act will be unanimously repealed.
8. Officals at the NSA, IRS, and CIA will be prosecuted for a multitude of crimes.
9. The U.S. Congress will unanimously impeach Obama and other criminals in the government.
10. Congress will unanimously vote for term limits.

Okay, I am serious here! Anyway,

11. Congress will unanimously vote for the end of any special benefits for former members of Congress.
12. Global alarmist, like Al Gore, will admit their scams publically.
13. Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft will take a real stand against government spying and intrusion.
14. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will win the Academy Award for best picture.
15. California’s drought will end and California will become the most prosperious state in the union.
16. The national debt will go down by over 2 trillion dollars.

Oh, forget it and have a happy new year anyway!