150405- Bank Deposit Tax

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Drachma Plans

Facing a default to the IMF or their own people, the left-wing Grecian government is drawing up plans to give the one-finger salute to the IMF. It’s simply a no-brainer as they are planning the nationalize the country’s banking system and the return of the drachma. Needless to say, this is going to cause economic shock-waves throughout the global ponzi economies.

Australian Deposit Tax?

Interest rates on bank deposits in most developed nations are practically zero if not already negative. So, when, and not if, the government of Australia, followed by governments in Europe and the U.S., start to tax bank deposits, this will push rates into, or further, into negative territory. Remember, taxes start small and increase over time.

Jobs and GDP

In March, the U.S. economy created just 126,000 jobs when it was expecting 245,000. This resulted in the all-but-fraudulent unemployment rate holding steady at a bogus 5.5%. In addition, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta reported that its forecast for U.S. GDP growth dropped to 0% on April 1st and that was no April fools day joke. Since blaming the weather for the bad economy is getting old and less believable, perhaps central planners will begin blaming the Russians, or the Chinese, in order to start a war?

Stocking Up

One of the biggest stories in the alternative media for the past few years was the massive purchase of ammo by the Department of Homeland Insecurity. Now, another request, for less lethal specialty munitions; such as, flash and gas grenades and rubber bullets, has been made by that criminal cobal. What do the Feds know that we don’t?

Target: Yellowstone?

A retired Russian military analyst believes that Russia could completely annihilate the U.S. by detonating nuclear weapons over the Yellowstone super volcano and the San Andreas fault. The explosion of Yellowstone would unleash feet of volcanic ash over all of the U.S. and cause a worldwide disaster. This is the mutual assured destruction, or MAD strategy, on a shoe string budget.

Kerry and Nobel Peace Prize

Because of John Frankenstein Kerry’s, Neville Chamberlain like, negotiations in the Iran deal that the translated version didn’t match Obama’s claims – Gee, I ‘m shocked… Anyway, some are talking about him being a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. He deserves it at least as much as Jimmy Carter, Yasser Arafat, or even Barry Hussein Obama. Perhaps, because Hillary is increasingly looked upon as damaged goods, he may even be selected err… run for President.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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