140519 – Full-Blown Currency Wars

Today’s Items:


Deutsche Bank has 54.7 trillion euros in derivatives which is about 20 times Germany’s GDP of 2.7 trillion euros.     To raise badly needed capital, Deutsche Bank is preparing to raise 8 billion euros through new shares, at up to a 30% discount, by the end of June.     Something tells me that this is not going to go very well.   Of course, the top 5 U.S. banks hold over 290 trillion dollars in derivatives, which is 18.5 times the U.S. GDP of 15.7 trillion dollars.

Full-Blown Currency Wars

According to William Kaye, the West is going to be impoverished when the U.S. dollar collapses.    The mainstream media will not report the truth about how other central banks print like crazy to keep their currencies on par with the dollar.    In addition, all of this could easily culminate in a major conflict and possibly even World War III.    He goes on to say that it is like a situation where there are a lot of fingers in the dike, and you just don’t know which one finger being removed might cause the dike to give way.

Madder Than Hell

Obama, who ordered access to Veterans memorials be blocked on the first day of a government shutdown, who over saw cost-of-living cuts for veterans is reportedly “madder than hell” about the VA scandal?    Perhaps, only because it is now a scandal involving his administration.

High School Seniors

According to a report by the National Center for Education Statistics, Less than 40% of high school seniors in America have sufficient academic skills in math and reading to pass entry-level college courses.     With that said, if they have a pulse and a college loan, colleges will welcome them with open arms.

Armed USDA

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is set to purchase an unknown quantity of sub-machine guns.      In fact, they want guns with a 30 round capacity.     Of course, they will likely practice using hollow point bullets on targets of children and pregnant women.     Who could have thought that raw milk was that deadly?


About 60,000 households in Florida rejected spending 800,000 dollars to poison err…    fluoridate their water supply.      Even Dallas, Texas is considering stopping the five decade long scheme.      People are either waking up to fluoride, which was used by Nazis in Concentration camps, or the economics are forcing people to make better decisions.    Either way, this is a good thing.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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