140520 – Correlation

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For many years, political and business hacks have been lampooning gold and silver enthusiasts.    They have even labeled them as ‘bugs’ – meaning something to be stepped on.       With that said, history has repeatedly shown that those who have physical gold and silver have ultimately smashed those who have held paper like bugs because ultimately, all fiat currencies go to their intrinsic value of zero.

Your Call is Important To Us.

Whether it is a billing error or if a serious medical emergency has occurred, when a person phones a hospital, it is nearly impossible, with automated message systems, to through to a real person.   One would think it would be easier today where people are strapped with a phone.   Is it technology, or do hospitals, like big banks, don’t want to hear from their victims err…  customers?     Perhaps soon, Americans may know what it is like to be on a secret medical waiting list like vets.

Credit Squeeze

In an effort to constrict commerce, the FDIC has urged banks to place a credit squeeze on gun sellers by listing them as a “high risk.”     Meanwhile, the Department of Injustice launched “Operation Choke Point”, a credit card fraud probe focusing on banks and payment processors.     So, when gun shops accept cash only, will they be viewed as money launderers?

Too Big?

Because of its dominant market position, a German official is openly contemplating the break-up of Google, which is based in the United States.     So, will the paid-off U.S. government fight for a company that avoids paying U.S. taxes?    We will see.

How an Average Person can Prepare for a Pandemic

Lots of people fear a global pandemic.    One of the basic things people can do to prepare for a pandemic is to learn basic first aid and herbal remedies     If there’s a pandemic, hospital emergency rooms and doctors’ offices would be overwhelmed, and also filled with contagious people.      Preparing for a pandemic is similar to being prepared for other disasters.

Internet Explorer versus Murder Rate

I thought this was funny.     It turns out that there is a direct correlation between the falling murder rate since 2006 and the use of Internet Explorer.     So, perhaps Internet Explorer is the best browser…     To download a better browser.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.      Good Day!

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