140516 – India Economy Fails

Today’s Items:

India’s Economy Fails

India is the only BRIC economy that’s slipped down the World Economic Forum’s ranking of competitiveness since 2006, though Russia and Brazil have drifted badly as well.     India doesn’t have the infrastructure to carry a modern economy and has done remarkably little over the years to reform their grid.

Belgium Takes Up Slack

Russia dumped a record 26 billion dollars worth, or some 20%, of its U.S. Treasury holdings.    With that said, the tiny country of Belgium has purchased 40 billion dollars worth of Treasuries.    A country’ whose GDP is just double of its reported U.S. Treasury holdings.    This sounds like the Fed using Belgium to monetize the U.S. debt.

Just A Question of When

According to William Kaye, the Federal Reserve is a private corporation and not part of the U.S. government, but the government is responsible for outsourcing for the creation of U.S. dollars.    The coming panic out of the U.S. dollar will be coupled with a collapse of confidence in the government as well.    It’s just a question of when.

Meat Prices

According to the latest inflation data from the BLS, meat prices spike by almost 3% in April – the most since November 2003.     Time for a hedonic substitution from hamburger meat to rat droppings to keep bogus CPI numbers in check.

IRS Targeting

The IRS’ targeting of groups opposed to Obama is in part due to pressure from Democratic Senator Levin.     Levin’s emails cite an IRS rejection letter to a conservative group as an example of how the IRS should be conducting its business.    Of course, the culture in the IRS saw this as an opportunity.

VA Hospitals

The Department of Injustice doesn’t plan to investigate allegations that veterans, that were placed on secret waiting lists at VA hospitals, died while waiting for care according to Holder.     Perhaps the Department of Injustice is too busy to worry about those who actually kept their oath to defend the U.S. Constitution.

Clinton “Truth ” Squad

If there’s anyone qualified to lead a squad to lie about the murder of four Americans, it’s Lanny Davis.     Former Clinton special counsel Lanny Davis says he plans to lead a “truth squad” to counter accusations coming out of the Benghazi select committee hearings.     Will he call upon the services of Sandy Burger for documentation?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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