140508 – China’s Art of War

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China’s Art of War

One of the principles in the Art of War is that you show everybody your weaknesses and deny your strengths.     China may have low per capita purchasing power; however, they are, or will be, the largest economy in the world.     China will be introducing a new currency, first for Asia, then the rest of the world which, according to Stephen Leeb, will include gold.

Young Adults Not Working

4.3 million Americans, ages 25 to 29, were not working in April.   The labor force participation rate in April 2014 for Americans ages 25 to 29 hit the lowest level that is only recorded since 1982.    In January 1982, when the data were first collected, the labor force participation rate for this group was 80.7%.   When the young adults do not have jobs, that is a recipe for revolution.

Disposable Income

Since the so-called end of the recession in 2009, Wall Street has seen a 108.2% increase in disposable income.     In contrast, American families only saw a 4.2% increase in disposable income.     This is more evidence that Quantitative Easing is helping…   Bankers.

10 Examples of Big Brother

Here are a few…
1. Cars being equipped with very sophisticated black box recorders…
2. Smart TV’s watching their viewers.
3. The process of making large gatherings at homes illegal.
4. Buying storable food, or a flash light, is considered suspicious.

Hillary’s Guns

According to Hillary Clinton, gun laws are too lenient and must be changed.     This coming from the woman whose apparent negligence resulted in multiple deaths in Benghazi and who has armed Secret Service protection that is not effective against thrown shoes.   Imagine if Hillary had a gun when she heard about Monica Lewinsky?

5 Antibiotics Without A Prescription

Here are a few…
1. Garlic
2. Colloidal silver
3. Oil of oregano

Honey and Cinnamon

It is found that a mix of honey and Cinnamon cures most diseases.    It may help with arthritis, bladder infections, cholesterol, indigestion, pimples, weight loss, and even cancer.

U.S. Journalists

33% of American prostitutes err…    Journalists were highly satisfied with their work in 2002, today it is 22%.    Perhaps a reason for their growing dissatisfaction is that they are doing puff pieces and not been exposing the rampant and clear corruption in the government and financial sectors?    Just a thought.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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