140509 – Public Support for Obama?

Today’s Items:

Rogue EPA

Apparently, the EPA has not been firing employees for watching pornography at work and falsifying federal documents.     An EPA employee was actually selling jewelry and weight loss pills out of her office.     In addition, a unit within the EPA run by Obama’s political staff has been operating illegally as a “rogue law enforcement agency.”


After ignoring repeated Freedom of Information Act Requests to provide documentation on unconstitutional Border Patrol checkpoints, the Department of Homeland Insecurity is being sued in Federal Court.     Apparently laws mean nothing to these fascist bastards!

Public Support for Obama?

Obama told his Bel Air supporters that public opinion is on his side.
Here are some stellar examples…
1. 22% of Americans rate Obamawreck as a success.
2. 41% of Americans rate Obama highly.
3. 34% of Americans are highly concerned about climate change.
4. 33% of Americans believe companies working secretly with the NSA to monitor citizens is just fine.
With this kind of plurality, is it any wonder that 15% of Americans say Obama never lies?   Yikes!

Hillary’s Problem

According to Hillary Clinton, she is ‘absolutely’ satisfied with what she knows about the Benghazi terror attack where she likely allowed Americans to be brutality murdered.    Fortunately for many, others disagree with her as the House is setting up a committee to investigate her role.     It is likely that she stood there and lied directly to the families of the victims as their coffins were there lined up.     It’s 3AM Hillary, what are you doing?


Because the state of Indiana has dropped the fascist takeover of education, known as Common Core, the Department of Edumacation has notified Indiana educators that they lost their waivers from the No Child Left Behind Act.    In the end, ‘Common Core’ skeptics appear to have been vindicated.    What was initially sold as a state-initiated program has devolved into yet another show of federal control.

Mileage Tax

A new bill in California would tax drivers 5 cents for every mile they are on the road.     For now, California taxes 52.9 cents per gallon.    If the average car gets over 20 miles per gallon, that would add up to over a dollar in taxes for every gallon of gas.     This bill appears more like a method to restrict travel than a method to help Californians.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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