140507 – Obama vs. Facts

Today’s Items:

Gold Backwardation

According to James Turk, despite the blizzard of paper thrown at gold and silver and the predictions of lower prices, both gold and silver jumped in blistering rallies after the unemployment report was released.     The strength of the rally was a good indication that gold and silver had been driven to artificially low prices.     In addition, the Dollar Index been under 80 for a month and looks ready to finally break down through 79, which could be the kiss of death for the dollar.


Officials at the State Department stated that John Frankenstein Kerry will not comply with the Benghazi subpoena.      He will be in Mexico on the scheduled May 21st hearing.     Perhaps the House should summon Hillary back; so that, she, as a civilian, could enjoy federal prison for perjury.

More Businesses Failing

According to a new study, by the Brookings Institution, more businesses are failing now than are being created, a first for the American economy since the Carter era.   A major factor is federal regulations.     Since the 1970s, the federal regulatory environment has grown exponentially, with its power amplified by the federal courts.     Interesting how this data comes out when Obama wants to go off the deep end on environmental regulations to save his legacy.

Obama Versus Facts

Planetary temperatures have remained largely stable throughout the past several decades, according to new data released by the Remote Sensing Systems satellite.    Multiple measurement platforms show that there has been no warming for nearly 18 years.      Of course, the White House, in its “Anything but Benghazi” strategy, has put forth an environmental politically-biased report.

Ditching RomneyCare

Obama cited RomneyCare for his fascist scheme to take over the health industry.    Now, Massachusetts is taking steps to trash the model from their state.    Unfortunately, they want to merge it with the security-flawed Obamawreck website.


A warning of a damaging magnitude 5.0, or greater, earthquake has been issued…    For Oklahoma!    This is the first time the USGS has issued an earthquake warning for a state east of the Rockies.      Isn’t Oklahoma the state where they are fighting to erect a statue of Satan at the capital?     Just asking.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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