130620 – Rat or Cat?

Today’s Items:

Opposition to Arming Syrian “Rebels”

Despite the non-stop propaganda put forth by Obama and media, 70% of Americans oppose the arming of Al Qaeda terrorists err… rebels in Syria.    As the truth comes out, how it was the rebels that used the likely American supplied chemical weapons, and not the Syrian government, people around the world are lining up against the U.S.’s provocation of war on Syria to hide the U.S. financial nightmare system.

U.S. Mint Sales of Silver

The US economy remains massively indebted and the fiscal situation sees little sign of improving.    In addition, many states are on the verge of bankruptcy.   Also, we have the Fed’s announcement that they may dial down their bond buying pace by mid 2014.   This may be why sales of silver coins by the U.S. Mint have set a record high in the first half of 2013.    Sales in 2013 have reached 24.03 million ounces and demand reached a monthly all-time high of 7.5 million ounces in January.    Just imagine when everyone wants to dump their worthless dollars for silver and gold.

Alabama Nuclear Disaster

This video describes how newly released medical research shows that the death rate is much higher than the U.S. national average within 50 miles, or downstream of the Tennessee river, of the Brown’s Ferry Nuclear Power Plant.     For example, child cancer is 20 times that of the national average.

21 Facts About NSA Snooping

Here are a few…
1. NSA Officals told Congress that they do not need court authorization to listen to domestic phone calls.
2. The NSA knows pretty much everything that you are doing on the Internet.
3. The NSA has a budget of about 10 billion dollars a year.

Black Market

The “off the books” black market is booming in Europe and the souring tax rates is the fuel for this underground economy.    Because of increased taxes and regulations, like under Obamacare, this is where America is heading as well.    The more governments actively work against the population, the less credible these governments become.

Mistrust of Mainstream Media

A Gallup poll details that only 23% of viewers trust the mainstream media television news.    In fact, banks, at 26%, are considered more trustworthy.    The most trustworthy are the military and small business at 76 and 65% respectively.

Rats or Cats

It may have started as a joke in the capital of the state of Veracruz in Mexico; however, a cat is listed as running for elected office.    So, unlike in the U.S., these people do not have to vote among rats, they can vote for a cat.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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One thought on “130620 – Rat or Cat?

  1. The US doesn’t have a national debt. It’s a bankers’ debt. They created it. It belongs to them. They are trying to foist it on the American people. The American people needs to refuse to take on that debt.

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