130619 – They’re Turning On Him

Today’s Items:

Shut Down the IMF

The Fed’s bastard international step-child, the IMF, that has been doing everything wrong for decades, is advising the U.S. Congress against spending less.     In fact, they want us to spend more.    Most recently the IMF admitted its focus on “austerity” had helped collapse the economy of Greece.     No wonder, the BRIC’s are making a counterpart to the IMF.

America’s Wheat Exports in Crisis

The recent surprise discovery of illegal Monsanto wheat growing in Oregon may be the tip of the contamination iceberg. Because of its ability to self-pollinate, the illegal strain may have likely already spread to many other parts of the U.S..    What does this mean for America’s wheat industry?    As far as the international market…    It may effectively be dead.

Silver Demand

According to Stephen Leeb, in the next 3 or 4 years, the biggest demand for silver will be in the energy market.    In addition, he says that gold is too expensive to be a practical currency like silver, especially if the gold price goes up 10-fold.  To that end, silver is going to have a role as a monetary and an industrial metal.    If gold goes up 10-fold and silver goes up 15-fold, silver will be about 330 dollars an ounce.

Physical Gold Deliveries

While the price of gold is down 29%, after a correction that has lasted two years so far, the demand for physical gold by countries; such as India, Russia, and China, have expanded.   Worldwide gold production is about 2800 tons and Asian countries have taken delivery of over 3000 tons this year.

Facial Recognition

Along with 200 million other Americans, you may be participating in the facial recognition database whether you want to or not.   If you have a driver’s license or any other government ID, you are in the database.    So, the next time you are at Wal-Mart, look up at the camera, because, they probably are finding out if you like mustard on your hamburgers or if you like your ice cream in a cone or a cup.


Young Americans are waking up after years under Obama.    For the first time, the drop in Obama’s approval plunged 17 points by Americans under the age of 30.    You know, the ones that would fight and die in Obama’s endless wars.   Not that it would be better under Romney either.   Young and Black Americans have been the most loyal part of the Obama coalition and now it is eroding.    Perhaps, Americans under 30, like Ed Snowden, are indeed waking up.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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