130611 – Go RICO On Obama?

Today’s Items:

The Breakdown

A nation’s health and prosperity depends on good institutions. Well, the political institution, in the U.S., from city hall to Washington is rotten to the core with absolutely no redeeming qualities. In regards to the financial system, it started dying in 1913, when the Fed was created, and has been in zombie status since 2008. Add this to little sense of decency and morality, the land of the free and home of the brave is now, sadly, enslaved and afraid.

You Thought The Economy Was Improving?

The unemployment situation in the U.S. in May was essentially the same as in April at an official bogus number of 7.6%. When one considers that the underemployment rate has been hanging around 14% for years now, even with the Fed’s monetization program, the economy is definitely not improving.

Expect Massive Inflation & Pain For Ordinary Citizens

Michael Pento says that Bernanke’s debt monetization has sent stock prices up 140% from their lows. With real GDP growing at just 1.5-2% annual rate, the excess money growth is causing asset prices to rise. He goes on to say that money and interest rate manipulations, courtesy of the Fed, have allowed the government to amass a debt load that far outstrips its tax base. In short, having paper is dangerous.

Treasury Yields Spike To New 14 Month Highs

30 year and 10 year rates are up 4 and 5 bases point respectably. More people will be fooled into believing that government bonds is the place to be. Of course, as interest increases, the amount required to service the debt will increase.

Military Told not to Read Obama-Scandal News

Obama says that the federal government’s unconstitutional activity of monitoring citizens actively, in some dragnet fashion, is hype. Well, it is interesting that Air Force enlisted have been ordered not to be caught reading anything on the scandals that are erupting in Washington. Question, did those air men swear to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution, or Obama’s wannabe banana republic?

It’s RICO Time!

What the IRS did in the months leading up to the 2012 Presidential election definitely tilted the election in Obama’s favor. While Romney was a horrible alternative, when one side has resources, that the other is denied, it is illegal. In the mob world, the Obama administration’s activities, from the IRS, EPA to Obamacare, are called shakedowns; thus, the RICO Act should be applied across the board against all of Obama’s partner’s in crime.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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