130612 – On The List?

Today’s Items:

Gold Smuggling in India

Days after government increased duty on gold from 6% to 8% to curb its import, Customs authorities are already witnessing a spurt in smuggling.    Well duh!     Anyone, with an IQ greater than their shoe size, knows that these duties were put in place to protect fiat currency, that has no intrinsic value, at the expense of the population.    If there is a will, there is a way.

Putin Advises Obama

Putin, the former head of the Russian KGB, gave some advice for wannabe dictator Obama. Putin told the idiot fool that government surveillance shouldn’t break the law.    Unfortunately, ole “Donkey Ears” Obama was most likely not paying attention.    In fact, Russia may even grant political asylum to Edward Snowden.    It is getting so bad for Obama on the international stage that even the Germans are demanding an explanation.

Crushing the Middle Class

Politicians and central bankers continually stress how their stimulus policies are designed to promote prosperity of the middle class.    Unfortunately, the middle classes are reeling from price increases in many of the areas that are most vital to their lives.    Those middle class, who are retired and living on a fixed income, are finding that they may soon only be able to afford dog food and their medication may consist of aspirin.   Needless to say, this is a situation that will not last.

IRS Buying Spying Equipment

The line between the IRS and the NSA is becoming more blurred since the IRS, in the midst of scandals, is quickly buying cameras to hide in plants and coffee trays.    What’s next, nuclear-armed drones from the IRS if you get audited?   Is there an IRS “Kill List?”

Tracking Your Driving

“Black boxes” are being secretly installed in newer vehicles to record driver behavior. Most people are unaware that newer vehicles already contain these event data recorders.    Since the government is not willing to address the possible abuse of power with the new mandated “black boxes”, can they then be trusted?

Main Core

The U.S. Government has a list, called “Main Core”, containing the list of Americans, they feel need to be incarcerated if there is a national emergency for national security reasons.    The database, based on tracking, can locate those people almost instantaneously.    So, are you on this list?    If so, I may see you in the Concentration err… FEMA camp!

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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