130610 – Turtle Strike?

Today’s Items:

Extend and Pretend Economic World

The consequences of the many insanities in the financial and political systems today will be unpleasant.    Don’t expect a material systemic change without a major crisis.    For example, Japan currently spends 24% of its annual revenues on interest expense and this because of  low interest rates.    If it were to rise to 2.2%, that 24% becomes 80%.    Now, imagine this situation on a global scale.

NSA Mistakes

Aside from the obvious mistake of not adhering to the U.S. Constitution, we now have officials from the NSA stating they mistakenly intercepted emails and phone calls of innocent Americans and possibly Brits.    In addition, we have Obama coming out saying that National Security agents cherish our constitution.   The question is Obama, just exactly which constitution are you referring to?    The one you said is deeply flawed or some communist manifesto you dream of?

How To Keep The NSA At Bay

Here are a two, but read the article for detailed information.
1. Use PGP for email communication.
2. Use TOR for your browser.

Monsanto Pushes Bizarre Conspiracy Theory

Monsanto BS artists are pushing some conspiracy theory for how how wheat crops in Oregon were contaminated with unauthorized GMOs.    The problem with their BS theory is that no one knew, in advance, the USDA would be testing that particular wheat field in Oregon.    What is more likely is that the Monsanto’s wheat seeds escaped in ways that Monsanto scientist didn’t, or couldn’t, anticipate.     Either that, or it was by design.    At any rate, it is evidently clear that Monsanto is 100% legally, ethically, and morally responsible for what is happened and they should be held responsible.

Homeschooling Growing

As dissatisfaction with the U.S. public school system grows, the appeal of homeschooling grows.     In fact, since 1999, the number of children, that are home-schooled, has increased by 75% and represents 4% of all school-age children nationwide.     At present, the rate that children are being homeschooled is 7 times higher than public schools.  The expenditure of a home-schooled child, per year, is less than a 700 dollars, as compared to a national average of 10,000 for public schooling.    Also, home-schooled children, on average, perform better academically compared to those stuck in public indoctrination centers.

Rand Paul Explains Obamacare

Please watch this video on how Rand Paul explains Obamacare.    After watching, I was wondering, how exactly does one exactly get struck by a turtle?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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3 thoughts on “130610 – Turtle Strike?

  1. You’ve heard about pillow fights, right? Well, there are “turtle fights”, where people toss turtles at each other. 🙂 Obviously, people didn’t tell them that they might get hurt doing that. Of course, it’s even more dangerous if it’s done with snapping turtles.

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