130529 – Civil Disobedience

Today’s Items:

RBI Restricts Banks Lending Against Gold

India’s attack on gold continues as officials at the Reserve Bank of India said banks would not be allowed to give loans against units of gold exchange-traded funds.   They also want to limit bank loans to 50 grams of gold per customer.  Sounds like a black market opportunity in gold over there.

Surge In Consumer Confidence

According to the Conference Board’s measure, there has been a surge in consumer confidence and it has hit 2008 levels.    The surge is so pronounced that people with plans to buy a home, a car, or a television within the next six months fell.    Something tells me that they do not know what surge really means.

U.S. Mint Resumes Selling 1/10 Ounce Gold Coins

The U.S. mint has once again restocked on the popular 1/10 ounce denomination with a 20,000 production limit.    The coin will set you back just 195 dollars.    So, in effect, about a 40 dollar mark-up from the price of gold.   Sounds like someone is making a killing here.

Farmer Acquitted

Wisconsin farmer Vernon Hershberger, who was prosecuted for selling raw milk to willing consumers was acquitted.    Jurors found him innocent of producing and selling raw milk, and cheese, without a license.   The verdict means he can continue to sell his farm’s products to members of a buying club he started.    So, to those who are against true capitalism and free enterprise…   Go sit and spin!

IRS White House Visits

From 2003 to 2007, there was only 1 IRS recorded visit to the White House.    From 2010 to 2011, there were 114 recorded visits.   Yet, we are supposed to believe that the White House knew nothing of IRS targeting Obama’s enemies?

Expanding DNA Strands

People have two strands of DNA coiled into a spiral; however, a two-year-old boy, Alfie Clamp, became the only person in the world to be diagnosed with an extra strand in his DNA.    Also, scientists believe that it is possible to have a 12-strand helix DNA.    This is possibly the beginning of a mutation of our species into something for which the end result is not yet known.

Civil Disobedience Rising

Nearly everywhere you turn, crowds of angry Americans are gathering.   They are no longer content to sit back to watch, and hope, that the paid-off criminals, in Washington, and states, will stop their path to tyranny.    More and more, stories will be leaked out from the alternate media, not the lame-stream media, of more vocal, and physical, uprisings. As civil disobedience rises, the more laws will be nullified by the people; such as, through jury nullification.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.   Good Day!

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One thought on “130529 – Civil Disobedience

  1. Alfie Clamp deos not have an extra strand on his DNA. He has a Chromosome mutation with an extra (double-Helix) arm on his seventh chromosom. He is also very sick and noone knows how long he will live.

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