130528 – Pelosi Can’t Help It!

Today’s Items:

Taxing Flights

Well, Obama has done it again.   This buffoon wants to impose a 14 dollar tax on all flights to pay down the deficit and pay for improvements at airports.   Of course, this higher tax, that will likely pay the salaries of TSA perverts, will hurt the economy and airlines are speaking out against it.

Bubble Economics Are Not Sustainable

Bubbles grow and then collapse…   Plain and simple.   With the growing printing by Western central banks, the resultant manipulation of the financial markets are feeling its effects.   With that said, without a growing underlying economy to support this printing, the consequences, when the value implodes, will be terrible for those in paper.

Bridges Falling

Forget about London Bridges falling down, American bridges, roads, and waterways, after years of neglect, are falling down.   As they fall, they make more headlines; such as, the latest one in Seattle.   With a rating of a “D+” from the American Society of Civil Engineers, it will take about 3.6 trillion dollars, by 2020, to fix this problem.    Of course, do not think that one single dime will be diverted from the war of err… on terror to support this.

14 Ways to Cleanse the Body from GMO’s and Other Toxins

Here are a few…
1. Fast to help get the toxins out of fatty tissue.
2. Drink more purified water.
3. Bathe in hot then cold water.
4. Consume detoxifying foods like Apple cider vinegar.

She Just Couldn’t Help It

It had to happen folks and there just was no way to avoid it.   Nancy Pelosi, perhaps the stupidest thing that God ever stretched a piece of skin on, has opened her mouth, and with botox killing off the last remaining brain cells, stated this about the IRS scandal… It was Bush’s fault because he appointed the former IRS Commissioner.   So, we are to believe that Bush would appoint someone to attack everyone opposing Obama?

Build Your Own Untraceable AK-47!

As gun control freaks try to restrict gun rights, one can build their own weapons, without paperwork or background checks, by buying a “parts kit” and building their own untraceable semi-automatic AK-47.     These “parts kit” are available online, at gun shows, or from private sales.   Of course, when it comes to guns killing people, how does anyone get out of a gun show alive?   Seriously, because of this, look for legislation for gun parts in the near future.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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One thought on “130528 – Pelosi Can’t Help It!

  1. I read about the underground network of high-speed tunnels criss-crossing the nation, tunnels used to carry military traffic unseen. Now that the military doesn’t need surface roads as much, they’re letting the surface infrastructure rot.

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