130307 – You’re on Your Own

Today’s Items:

Gold Repatriation Will Affect Everything

The move toward auditing gold holdings is getting more pronounced as Mexico wants its gold back from the UK.    The reason is simple…     A growing distrust between governments and their respective central banks.    The ultimate driver is currency competition to increase exports which results in inflation.     In short, central bank trust has waned and we are in contentious times.

118 Million

The Fed is creating 118 million dollars an hour out of thin air.    This currency is just flowing into the markets and it is no wonder that the American stock markets are hitting new highs.    It is not earnings and it is not technical; it is just currency.

Sequester Email

According to an internal email, from the White House, government workers have been ordered not to do anything that would lessen the dire impacts Congress had been warned of.     In short, Obama, the narcissistic liar, wants the small cuts look like the entire government will collapse.

Silver Price Down Despite Demand Increase

In about three months, silver has declined about 6 dollars.    The decline should have been the result of increased supply or reduced demand; however, there are increased physical silver purchases and silver shortages.   In fact, Apple reported a delay in its new iMacs because of a shortage of silver in China.    That, and other reasons, make it clear that it will not be too much longer before the physical silver price diverge completely from the paper silver price.

Obama Drone’s Coming For You

Holder, in responding to Senator Rand Paul, states that Obama can authorize, and may personally even remotely pilot military drones himself, to assassinate U.S. citizens on U.S. soil without charge or trial.    At least, in testimony, Holder admits that killing Americans with drones on U.S. soil is unconstitutional; however, since when does the Constitution mean anything to him or Obama?   So, how does a person get potentially targeted?    They hold, or voice, any opinion that is absolutely not in lock-step with Obama.

Food Fraud Conceals Rising Inflation

People have begun to notice that food packages are getting smaller to keep the same price; but, now, quality and ingredient substitutions are the rage without informing the consumer.    Incidents of food fraud are up by 60% in a year with an apparent waning diligence of food safety.    Another reason to grow and buy food produced locally.

Police on Home Invasion: “You’re on Your Own”

Between the time you call 911 and the police arrive, which is about 10 minutes on average, police are saying you are on your own.    So, right after your front door has been kicked in, you can lock yourself in a room, make a noise, blow your whistle, or put your cellphone up to your ear.    Hmm… I think I like the gun thing better.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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