130306 – Stopping Desertification

Today’s Items:

From Afghanistan to Kids

While Obama may never acknowledge his defeat in Afghanistan as the U.S.-led military coalition dismantles outposts for pulling out, he has decided to wage war on American children using the first cow err.. lady to do the job.    Yes, kids go hungry for hours as this hypocrite wilder-beast inhales pizza and dances the night away in what White House officials called a groundbreaking and earth-shattering event.

Proof the Fed is Juicing the Markets

When one simply compares the monetary base and the Dow, it becomes absolutely obvious to everyone, except Obama, that the Fed ‘s money printing out of thin air has virtually been in lock-step with the Dow.     If the Fed ever pulls back, and that is doubtful, the Dow will implode.     Like the Zimbabwe stock exchange, the Dow will continue its rise; however, its true worth will fall compared to hard assets.

Fed Prepares For PR Nightmare

The Fed has a 3 trillion dollar balance sheet from years of printing and people want to know how it will be unwound. The Fed is becoming increasingly concerned about public perception.     In fact, the Fed may become less popular than Windows 8!     Especially since more and more people are realizing the Fed is a private institution that appears to be above the law.

Gold Caught With Its Backwardation Showing

Another definition of backwardation is when there is a profit to decarry the metal.     So, it turns out that, at present, decarry is 76 cents and it has been going on for weeks.     This situation shows a shift towards having physical in the markets.

Wholesale Foreclosure Sales Planned

The U.S. government is making plans to sell more than 250,000 foreclosed homes at wholesale prices in bulk to a series of investor-backed firms.     Maybe even Chinese owned firms.    Anyway, the plan is to artificially push home prices higher and out of reach of average Americans.

Seven Things that Could Save Your Life

Here are a few…
1. Sunlight
2. Almonds
3. Garlic

Financially Prepped

An emergency fund is important in case of some of life’s surprises.     Since bank deposits are no longer legally protected, it may be a good idea for the emergency fund to be in the form of at least one month’s worth in physical cash and the rest in precious metals.

How to Reclaim the Deserts

This TED Talks video explains that having controlled roaming livestock on the land is key to reclaiming the desert. Between eating, stomping around, and defecation, a micro-layer of humidity, close to the ground, is produced that will encourage plant growth and subsequently reduce soil erosion.    When there are plants, there is rain, then the worldwide water crisis will end and there will be more carbon sink into the ground.    Very simple and elegant.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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