130308 – Gateway to Tyranny

Today’s Items:

China Threatens Currency War Retaliation

According to the G 7, there will be no currency war.   If one is foolish to believe that lie, then how come China is upset with Japan with its act of deliberately devaluing the yen?     However before Japan gets worried that China is only targeting its monetary policies, the truth is that China really is against every other G-7 nation doing just the same thing.

Gold History Being Made

With record highs in key global markets and continued massive artificial volatility in the gold market, Richard Russell believes what we are witnessing right now in markets is unlike anything he’s ever seen in history.   Apparently, the basic idea is to keep people in fear of having physical gold and silver; so that, there will be no apparent need for confiscation later.    And to a large degree, it is working because the vast majority of people trust the fraud that is fiat currency over the historically sound money of gold and silver.   In addition, he also believes this Q-E pumped stock market is predicting very erratic market action along with a disappointing US economy.

Trade Deficit Snaps Back

The U.S. trade deficit, that plunged over 10 billion dollars to 38.5 billion dollars in December, spiked up to 44.4 billion dollars in January.     The December plunge in the deficit was most likely politically-driven and now we are beginning to see the numbers increase again.

Bugging In vs Bugging Out

If at all possible, sheltering in place is usually the safest option. You will have most of your supplies and better security as opposed to traveling on the road.     If bugging-out is your only option, have a detailed plan, a bug out location already set up, and know multiple routes to get to it.

USDA Approves Monsanto Alfalfa

The USDA recently deregulated Monsanto’s Roundup Ready alfalfa.    They did this, with previous warnings that it could cause infertility in livestock and potentially threaten the nation’s entire domestic food supply.     Another example of how the apparently paid-off government agency, that was originally set up to protect Americans, works against them.

Louisiana Backlash Against Gun Control

With frenzied sales and empty racks, Obama’s dictatorial stance on gun control is going over like a lead balloon in Louisiana. Gun owners were blindsided back in 1968.    Today, they will not allow gun control to be a gateway to tyranny like in NAZI Germany.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.     Good Day!

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