130119 – Gun Control Increase Crimes

Today’s Items:

Cyprus Needs Bailout

Cyprus may be a small island; however, the country needs 17.5 billion euros in bailout funding to recapitalize its troubled banks.    While 17.5 billion euros is not a lot, compared to the needs of Greece or Spain, finding the liquidity will prove difficult.     Allegations of Russian money laundering by the banks is making things more difficult.

U.S. Mint Halts Sales of Silver Eagles…    Again!

The U.S. Mint issued a letter stating that they have completely run out of silver American Eagle coins. If this sounds familiar then you may be right.    The U.S. Mint did not sell any US Silver Eagles in December because it ran out of silver.    The 2013 Silver Eagles went on sale on January 7th and by the 17th…    They were gone!      In short, get the physical silver while it is cheap folks.

Gold May Now Be Poised For A Surge

Tom Fitzpatrick believes that gold may be set up for a 600 dollar surge.    The current consolidation of gold is similar to the one in 2006-2007.    Of course, today the debt is much higher and economic situation more unstable.     To that end, after preparing, keep stacking physical.

Five Reasons To Not Get a Flu Shot

1. It appears it does not work.
2. Some of the hazardous substances in the flu shot.
3. Risk of terrible side effects.
4. Both the FDA and CDC has become less trustworthy.
5. The main stream media’s constant endorsement.

How Obama’s Gun Order Will Backfire

Like Jimmy Carter 30 years ago, Obama also wants to give a funding for a massive scientific study that would potentially proclaim that gun-control laws were effective in reducing crime.     Fortunately, the results will mirror the official study’s results that Carter authorized.     Which is that gun control laws do not reduce crime.

Holder Begs Court To Stop Gun Running Document Release

Potential gun-running criminal mastermind Eric Holder does not want documents, relating to the US government arming of Mexican drug cartels with assault weapons, going public.     A lawsuit, filed by Judicial Watch, will force the documents, per the Freedom of Information Act, to be released to everyone.

Forfeit Your Guns Bill Introduced In House of Representatives

The waste of skin Representative Rosa DeLauro has introduced a bill, HR 226, to amend the 1986 Internal Revenue code.     This amendment would allow a credit if taxpayers “surrender” there guns to the government.    The Act is said to be cited as the “Support Assault Firearms Elimination and Reduction for our Streets Act.”    It should be called the “Surrender Your Guns then Eat Shit and Die Act.”    At least some Democratic Senators are balking at the idea for new gun control legislation…    For now.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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