130121 – Run On The Fed

Today’s Items:

Chinese Labor Pool Begins to Drain

China’s working-age population shrank in 2012, marking the beginning of a trend that will accelerate over the next two decades.     By the end of December, China’s population, aged between 15 and 59, was just over 937 million, a decrease of 3.45 million from 2011.    Most countries begin to upgrade their economic model and raise productivity when faced with declining populations.     In addition, it appears that the one-child policy, mandated by the Chinese Government, is about to pay negative social dividends for the next 20 years.

IMF Says Greece May Need Another 10 Billion Euros

Greece, the epicenter of the European debt crisis, has received tens of billions of euros in emergency loans.    Now, Criminal bankers at the IMF, claim that Greece will need nearly 10 billion euros.    With tax evasion a problem in Greece, Greece may essentially be a black hole that money has been dumped into.

Run On The Fed

It is interesting that analysts, at CNBC, are wondering on air about why Germany wants its gold back.   They acknowledge that the fact that Germany wanting its gold back is not a good sign.   They stated that they hope that the gold is there and even brought up MF Global.    They stated, unlike mortgages and other paper instruments, that there is nothing backing gold.   They stated that it is better to have the gold in your possession than some other party…    Like the Fed.

Rising Gas Prices Threaten Economy Again

Here we go again folks with the blame everyone else mantra.    Obama is blaming evil Wall Street speculators for gas prices going higher, despite abundant supply.    Unfortunately for this idiot, we know better and here are two reasons why gas prices are going up…
1. Benji Bernanke and the money printing.
2. Fear Mongering, by a lying President, over potential supply disruptions.

Massive Shortages Of Silver

Egon von Greyerz says we are seeing currency, economic, political and geopolitical storm clouds gathering everywhere.    Every country is running a deficit and they all keep borrowing and printing incredible amounts of money to keep their economies going.    Central bank balance sheets have exploded to extraordinarily dangerous levels in recent years with their respective country’s GDP near zero.    Up to this point the paper market has managed to hold the gold price down, but that time is now ending.    In regards to silver, we are seeing major shortages, and lengthy delays in delivery, of silver; thus, it has much greater potential than gold.    So, after preparing, keep stacking physical.

Anonymous Responds To Obama Gun Control Policy

Having watched this video, I’ve got to say that Anonymous has articulated a powerful case against Obama’s aim to disarm the American people.    What will be next, ban sticks that look like firearms?    Thankfully, many are waking up to Obama and are ignoring his lapdog media in the cries for gun control.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.   Good Day!

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One thought on “130121 – Run On The Fed

  1. OperationNorthwoods – you are exactly right. Governments becmoe incredibly confiscatory when theirs backs are against the wall, far more than you could ever imagine (just read a little history). They will call it a “Windfall Profits Tax” or something else. No one will object because 99% of the population won’t be affected. The fact that envy is a huge unspoken motivator in human relations means that the majority will be cheering the gov’t on. Which is why I have warned here that relying on your fellow citizens’ “outrage” over unfair gov’t tactics is a losing strategy.

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