121229 – China Violates WTO Rules

Today’s Items:

China Breaches World Trade Rules

Washington has issued a blistering attack on China for persistent breaches of world trade rules.   China forces foreign firms to give up trade secrets in clear violation of WTO rules.    Of course, this should not be surprising coming from a communist nation that employs slave labor for manufacturing.    If not for the US debt that China owns, the obvious solution is to block all Chinese imports.

Ordinary Folks Losing Faith in Stocks

More and more people are not trusting either the government or Wall Street.    Gee…  I wonder why…    Could it be that the legislation passed like the NDAA, or no real punishment, for MF Global or HSBC?    Could it be the continual lying by both bankers and politicians?    Could it be the false flags that are becoming more apparent?   Or, could it be all of these and more?

What Happens When the Bond Markets Turn Against the US?

The US Fed is committed to keeping interest rates low because if interest rates were to rise, debt payments would send the US into an EU-style debt crisis.    With that said, to increase profits, the bond markets want higher interest rates; thus, the battle between the Fed and the bond market is set.

Bush 41

George H. Bush’s chief of staff, after speculation that the former president was near death, told the press to put the harps back in the closet.    I didn’t know there were harps down there.

NRA More Popular than Obama and Media

By 60%, a USA Today/Gallup Poll indicates Americans distrust the media.    52.3% have a favorable view of Obama.    Must be the free Obama phones to get him that high.    54% of Americans said they have a favorable opinion of the NRA.

Is It Too Late to Start Prepping?

The simple answer is no. In fact, for twenty dollars, you can get well on your way with rice, beans, and other necessities.    Focus on what you can do and block out the static of the herd.

Sweden’s War On Cash Stumbles

The Swedish people, faced with a number of banks that refuse to use cash, are beginning to gain the upper hand.    In fact, despite the anti-cash propaganda spewed by private bankers and government officials, people are using cash in their daily transactions.    Perhaps it is because cash does not rely on the internet.   Perhaps it is because cash does not record peoples purchases.    Whatever the reason…    Keep using the physical and get out of the digital.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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