121228 – US Dollar Isolation

Today’s Items:

Consumer Confidence and New Home Sales Slide

US Consumer Confidence, during the Christmas season, saw the largest 2-month drop in over 15 months.    All age cohorts lost confidence and it appears those earning over $35k are also beginning to worry.    In addition, only 27,000 houses sold in November after digging into the bogus numbers presented by the Census Bureau.

The Coming Isolation of US Dollar

The standard procedure for infection, or a toxic agent, is the use of isolation and prevent it from spreading.    In the case of global trade, banking and the bond market, the toxic agent is quickly becoming the US dollar.    Those nations that stick with the crumbling US Dollar system stubbornly will find a horrible fate with devastating effects.    With 15 bilateral agreements in Asia that are spreading to other parts of the world, there is a paradigm shift away from the use of the US Dollar.    When this reaches critical mass, the US Dollar will fall and physical gold prices will go vertical.

Catastrophic Loss Of Confidence To Spike Gold & Silver

John Embry says he honestly has never seen a more blatant attempt to drive the prices of gold and silver lower.    He says that there is no reason for the downward spiral of gold and silver.   What is most likely the cause is the fact that Central banks want to scoop up as much physical before the fiat collapses.    The downside of this downward price spiral, is that physical production of gold and silver will go down because miners do not want to spend a lot of money on cheap gold and silver.    To this end, production will go down and demand will go up.

Why States Like The Fiscal Cliff

If the fiscal cliff is not avoided, 30 states, like Florida, Colorado, and Texas, could collect 3 billion dollars more in estate taxes.    This would help states that have struggled with lower tax revenues since the financial crisis began.

Boehner Calls House Back

On Sunday, with less than 30 hours before the US reaches the Fiscal Cliff, the House will be called back into session by a cowering Boehner.    To do this so quickly, means that the fix is in.    In short, bend over because the American people are going to be shafted again.

Gun Stores

Gun stores after the Newtown false flag event looked liked grocery stores prior to a hurricane.     Many awake Americans can see the writing on the wall and they are arming themselves against a Stalinist like Police state.    With long lines waiting for guns and ammo, these people are not listening to political, or media, pundits.    They are arming themselves for what is, not what may be, coming.

The REAL Reason for the Mass Shooting Epidemic in America

If you have not already seen the video, by StormCloudsGathering, it is highly recommended.    When TV and drugs replace the family unit on a mass scale, the results are sadly expected.

9 Mistakes Typically Made by Preppers

Here are a few…
1. Failing to inventory stored food supplies.
2. Buying stuff while ignoring the need to develop skills.
3. Preparing mostly to bug out rather than bugging in.
4. Not having enough tin hats.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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One thought on “121228 – US Dollar Isolation

  1. Great Post Scott. Thank You for your time. I am going with Maineprepper’s idea of a solidarity gun purchase day. Best to you!

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