2013 Predictions

Here are twenty predictions for the coming year…

  1. Expect to see major major conflicts in the Mideast and the Far East.
  2. Expect taxes to go up as well as government spending.
  3. Expect to see more monetizing of the US Debt by the FED.
  4. Expect the national debt to exceed 17 trillion dollars.
  5. Expect US GDP to be a manufactured three percent.
  6. Expect to see food prices increase dramatically.
  7. Expect precious metal prices to be low for the first half, then take off in the second half.
  8. Expect more profound scandals in the banking industry to be exposed.
  9. Expect to see more blatant fascist activities by the US Government.
  10. Expect banks to continue to raise fees as more people race to credit unions.
  11. Expect credit card companies, desperate for customers, to go deeper into the FICO pool and try to get people with low scores to sign up.
  12. Expect the housing market, unless manipulated, to see a bottom by the end of 2013.
  13. Expect Apple to buy Netflix and/or Pandora.
  14. Expect to see more wearable technology.
  15. Expect grants to fail in keeping pace with increasing college costs making college less affordable.
  16. Expect to see a severe heatwave and drought conditions again this summer.
  17. Expect to see more wild weather as the magnetic pole, racing toward Russia, accelerates.
  18. Expect to see YouTube, and other social networks sites, follow Facebook and purge users.
  19. Expect more legislation for gun control.
  20. For Football fans, keep an eye on the Seattle Seahawks.

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