120824 – Iran Destroying Dollar

Today’s Items:

China’s Economy Getting Worse

A key private sector indicator shows that Chinese factory activity slumped to a nine-month low.    A growth of only 7.6 percent, shows that there has been a fall in export orders.   In other words, the 70% American consumer economy is not buying as much Chinese junk as we used to.

U.S. Threat To Iran Backfires on U.S. Dollar

By forcing Iran to do business, without dollars, alternatives, like gold, are being explored.   Now, Russia, China, India, and other major dollar holders, may like these alternatives.   Why?   Perhaps, because they are not manipulated, and printed out of thin air.

Rising Jobless Claims

Officials at the Labor Department said that first-time unemployment rose by 4000 last week to a seasonally adjusted 372,000.   Weak hiring may prompt the Fed, to take the expected action of stimulating the economy with more money printing out of thin air.   Also, 63% of college graduates, ages 18-29 are taking low-skilled jobs.   You know, get handed a diploma one day, and then a mop the next – if they are lucky.   In addition, 110,000 people exhausted their unemployment benefits and are now non-persons.

Americans Want Fiscal Problems Solved Before School Funding Goes Up

In a Gallop pole, 60 percent of Americans no longer believe throwing money at Education is the first thing that must be done.   Fiscally responsible Americans are beginning to stand up and tell Obama, and political idiots in both parties, to get the fiscal house in order first.   But will these banker puppets really listen to the people?   Don’t hold your breath.

U.S. Silver Production Plunges

According to officials at the  U.S. Geological Survey, as of May 2012,  the U.S. only produced about 2.7 million troy ounces of silver – a drop of over 14% a year earlier.  Also, the U.S. imported about 77.2 million ounces of silver during this time…  Was this used to help cover some of those JP Morgan naked shorts?

More DHS Employees Arrested

With 2527 convictions, the Department of  Homeland Insecurity appears to be home for sociopaths, pedophiles, and criminals of all kinds. Remember, you can judge an organization by its leadership and Janet Incompetano appears to be the poster child for this department.  How else can one explain placing people into sensitive security areas without any background checks?

Threats Not Talked About Before This Summer

It has been an interesting summer; in that, people did not previously talk about.
1. The West Nile Virus
2. The Historic Drought
3. The Mississippi River drying up
4. The hoarding of gold

4 Pitbulls Destroy Dodge

Here is a cute story of either the true strength of gentle pitbulls trying to rescue a kitty or the flimsy construction of the GM Dodge minivan.    This “lovable” pit-crew accidentally destroyed the bumper and wheel area of a Dodge Minivan trying to get to the cat that was inside the bumper.   The cat survived unscathed; however, the Union worker built Dodge is a wreck.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.   Good Day!

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