120823 – Game-Changers

Today’s Items:

Israel Asks Egypt to Remove Tanks From Sinai

The Obama supported, and Al-Qaeda partnered, Muslim Brotherhood controlled Egypt has moved their tanks into the northern Sinai Peninsula without notifying Israel – which is in violation of the 33 year old peace treaty between Egypt and Israel.   So, is this story real, or a possible false flag for a kinetic Action?   If we get by for another year without a major war in the Middle East…   It will be a miracle.

“Game-Changer” in the Euro Zone?

Could there be potentially an intervention by the European Central Bank in the bond markets?   If so, this could be a temporary game-changer in the euro zone debt crisis as their central bank monetizes sovereign debts of bankrupt EU countries like Greece.   Of course, this action will most likely lead to even higher commodity prices and potentially leave euro on par with the defunct Zimbabwe dollar.

Risk of US Double-Dip Recession Rises

Officials at Standard and Poors are citing that the odds that the U.S. will slip back into recession next year have risen.   They claim that the risk of a hard landing for China’s economy have added greater uncertainty to US economic prospects and a double-dip recession in Europe transmits financial turmoil to the US.   How can there be a double dip when the majority of us aren’t even out of the first dip?   It’s tough to dip back into something we never really left.  No wonder the FED is hinting, yet again, at more stimulus, or money printing.

JP Morgan Is Finished!

More and more people are waking up to the fact that precious metals are where they want to be. Bill Murphy, from GATA, believes that JP Morgan’s naked short position will be the root of a major scandal rivaling LIBOR.   In regards to the Treasury market, there has been so much manipulation; such that,  they are beginning to lose control.   Expect to see massive price increases in gold and silver simply because there is not enough of to cover the years of manipulated naked shorts.

US Health Care Spending

In reviewing the interactive info-graphic… In 1960, total healthcare spending was $23.4 billion with about $1.6 billion, or 6.8 percent, coming from public sources like Medicare and Medicaid.   In 2010, total healthcare spending was $2.186 trillion with about $957.1 billion, or 43.78 percent, coming from public sources.   In 1960, out-of-pocket expenses for prescription drugs was 96%; today it is a mere 19%.   How times have changed.

Americans Toss Out as Much as 40% of Their Food

In some good news for dumpster divers, a study by the Natural Resources Defense Council, shows that the average American family throws out as much $2,275 in food each year, or 20 pounds per person per month.   Since the 1970’s, the amount of uneaten food dumped has jumped 50%. Of course, this percentage will decrease as food becomes more and more expensive.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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