Fast and Furious Scandal Grows

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Obama, Holder, and their fellow criminals were hoping that the bogus report by the Department of Injustice on Operation Fast and Furious would be the last word; however, they did not count on Univision dropping a bombshell for the 1st of October.    This video clearly tells how the U.S. Government funneled high calabur weapons to Mexican drug cartels.    And you know, they were not going to use those weapons for deer hunting.

The video tells that the consequences of the illegal operation “Fast and Furious” was far more deadlier than let on.    No one should be surprised at the extent Holder lied about the operation and the consequences. Lies have become the hallmark theme for this so-called transparent administration.    The story goes on to describe how the Obama administration purposely evaded the truth coming out by having a key witness, O’Reilly – a White House National Security staffer, transferred to Iraq just days before was to be called as a witness.

Even though the U.S. media has covered for the Obama administration, other international media sources, will not allow the hundreds of people killed, indirectly by the Obama administration to go uninvestigated.    So, will those responsible for the hundreds of deaths, not only in Mexico, but in Central America as well, be brought to justice?    Do not count on it any time soon.

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