Fast and Furious Scandal Grows

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Obama, Holder, and their fellow criminals were hoping that the bogus report by the Department of Injustice on Operation Fast and Furious would be the last word; however, they did not count on Univision dropping a bombshell for the 1st of October.    This video clearly tells how the U.S. Government funneled high calabur weapons to Mexican drug cartels.    And you know, they were not going to use those weapons for deer hunting.

The video tells that the consequences of the illegal operation “Fast and Furious” was far more deadlier than let on.    No one should be surprised at the extent Holder lied about the operation and the consequences. Lies have become the hallmark theme for this so-called transparent administration.    The story goes on to describe how the Obama administration purposely evaded the truth coming out by having a key witness, O’Reilly – a White House National Security staffer, transferred to Iraq just days before was to be called as a witness.

Even though the U.S. media has covered for the Obama administration, other international media sources, will not allow the hundreds of people killed, indirectly by the Obama administration to go uninvestigated.    So, will those responsible for the hundreds of deaths, not only in Mexico, but in Central America as well, be brought to justice?    Do not count on it any time soon.

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3 thoughts on “Fast and Furious Scandal Grows

  1. This is just a guess from connecting the arvhcied News Dots; there was a News Story which broke some months earlier, and then just vanished from the airwaves, which stated that Obama was looking to the UN to pass a resolution that would make it unlawful for private U.S. citizens or gun shows to sell or trade guns. I would not put it past him to deliberately try to create an International incident to further this agenda; if this was the case, then it was there intention for the guns to get into Mexico, but not for anyone to know who, when, or why it happened. Since they would know that the Mexican Government would easily identify where the guns came from, and that would create the perfect International incident for the UN to act upon. Shalom!

  2. Why will the present President of Americanot do what fomrer Presidents,Hoover, Truman and Eisenhowerdid to help the American People get job.Hoover, Ordered all Ellega deported so as creat jobs for the americas.Truman, deported two Million Illegal’s afterWW11 to creat jobs for the returning Veterans.Eisenhower, Deported 1.3 Million mexicansnationals so WWii and Korean Vet. could have a better chace of getting jobs.JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY OUR FORMER PRESDENTS DON’T HAVE THE GUTS TO DO SO.

  3. My 13 year old son likes to run around in the woods with his asiorft rifle so every other weekend he goes out in the woods for these asiorft games where they wear protective gear and shoot plastic pellets at each other lots of fun, right? I like the idea of him being out in the fresh air with men of ages 12 to 60 forming brigades and playing soldier great stuff.This past weekend I was disappointed to hear that the organizers put a man in a suit and Obama mask as a target to play a round of Kill Obama . He ran around and all the guts n glory guys took shots at him for fun. At first I was disappointed then I thought I’d lodge a complaint (I mean this is my president, right?), in the end I just decided that my son is old enough to make up his own mind about what kind of person he wants to be. His half-brother Junie is black and his best little brother.What’s wrong with America? I can’t fix people, but I can damn sure help to create a great man my son. This weekend he’s back at it again with his rifle learning from the stupid adults.

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