121113 – Crossing The Rubicon

Today’s Items:

Japanese Economy Sinking

The Japanese economy shrank in the third quarter.   Japan’s Central Bank has responded with more powerful monetary easing; such as, expanding its asset purchase program by $138.5 billion in October.   Japan’s only hope, at the moment, is for overseas economies to pick up before Japan’s own economy picks up.   In short, Japan is screwed.

Spain Declares 2-Year Moratorium on Evictions

The economy is getting so bad that people, served with evictions, were committing suicide.   In response, the Spanish government has placed a 2-year moratorium on evictions.   Needless to say, people will no longer have no incentive to pay their mortgages for the next two years and this will be a nightmare on landowners.   So what will be their plan a year from now when broke landlords begin committing suicide?   Why not just declare a moratorium on suicides?

US Dollar Reserve Currency

It is no secret that China is replacing the U.S. dollar with its own currency in more and more of its bilateral trading.    In fact, Chinese currency may soon have equal status with the U.S. dollar because of competitive devaluation.    As more and more nations start using other currencies, the dollar may go into the waste-bin of history; therefore, it is best not to be in dollar denominated assets and into something that is more long term.   With that in mind, after preparing, keep stacking physical.

Obama’s Fiscal Cliff Plan

Emboldened by his decisive re-election, Obama is looking to renew budget talks and end grid lock.    He wants to avert the “Fiscal Cliff” that he signed into law.    He wants to overhaul the tax code.    In short, he wants to wiggle out of responsibility for the “Fiscal Cliff” and raise taxes on the wealthy without cutting spending.   Here is an example of how dire the “Fiscal Cliff” is.   The wealthy are dumping their assets, and selling their businessess, before the start of next year.

The Die Is Cast

To no surprise, Robert Fitzwilson, joins many others believing that last week’s election ensured that we are now charging headlong for financial Armageddon.    There is no turning back.   The voters have in effect demanded hyperinflation and destruction of economies and currencies. In short, the voters have repeated Julies Caesar’s own march across the Rubicon into a foreboding future and they don’t realize it yet.

Red Cross Flawless With Sandy

Officials at the Red Cross are claiming that their response to superstorm Sandy was flawless.   Stop laughing folks, they’re serious!    Despite their slow response, with a week’s advance warning, in helping those affected by the storm, they have successfully raised more than $85 million.   To scam err… raise that kind of money so quickly is very impressive.  If they keep this up, they will be bigger than Apple!

Apple Scrambles

Make no mistake…    With Apple coming out with new versions of Iphones and Ipads every few months, the idea that people are willing to drop their current devices and buy the latest and greatest is beginning to have a negative feedback.    There is a difference between wanting something and needing something.    Officials at Apple simply have not conveyed the “need” part with their releases; thus, expect Apple to begin a nose dive.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.    Good Day!

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