120731 – Syria Propaganda Falling Apart

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Today’s Items:

The Western Media’s Syria Propaganda Is Falling Apart

People around the world are just not falling for the line about Syria. The U.S. Government and the media have cried wolf once too often and now people are not only looking at them with a skeptical eye…   They are all but calling them all liars.   Many young consumers of news are looking to the rising global independent media to get the facts about critical issues and conflicts. In the process, their worldview is changing and their government-made beliefs are dying.

Moody’s: “The ECB Can Do No More Than Buy Time”

Hope, promises, and expectations cannot change the truth about the fiscal condition in the EU. To that end, Moody’s is correct in their perception about the European Central Bank’s ability to put off the enviable.   With the Spanish economy contracting for the third quarter in a row, the European Central Bank’s actions will not resolve the debt crisis.   Resolution will ultimately rest upon changes in budgets of the member states. In short, let the chips fall where they may and then pick up afterwards.

For Silver, History is All Likely to Repeat Itself

History repeats itself in the precious metals market.   The next few years will likely prove to be exceptionally rewarding for those who invest in silver and other precious metals like gold.   The value ratio between silver and gold is substantially skewed from its traditional and historical value.   Because of this and what lies ahead, silver investors are potentially going to be very wealthy in the next few years.

Mapping The Mounting Muni Meltdown

Many local governments across the US face steep budget deficits as they struggle to pay off debts accumulated over years.  There have been 26 municipal bankruptcy filings since 2010 and the pace is accelerating.  While allegations of fraud and improper use of public monies loom over city officials, the fact that cities have witnessed a sharp decline in property taxes, and foreclosures, in recent times has only exacerbated the budgetary crises.

GM Ramps Up Risky Subprime Auto Loans To Drive Sales

Government Motors, under the indirect leadership of Obama, is going to offer sub-prime auto loans to drive up car sales. Sub-prime loans are loans to those who have a FICO score below 660.   In short, if a person has a pulse, they can get a GM car.   This is going to create another Union Worker bonanza at the taxpayer expense in the very near future.

Secret Service Won’t Pay Newport Beach for Police at Obama Event

Well, it looks like the Secret Service is being fiscally responsible with taxpayer money.   Newport Beach billed Obama for security during his fundraiser and the Secret Service stated that security is its job, not the Presidents campaign.   In short, the city lost $35,000 protecting Obama.   Perhaps U.S. cities will be wary about paying their police force to protect the president.   What would happen if cities refused to provide any police support? Would that be a fiscal teaching moment for Obama?   Or, would we now have an additional TSA like force in protecting the dictator while on tour.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest.   Good Day!

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Presidents as Viewed by Their Secret Service

Brief Summary:

John F. Kennedy – cheating and reckless husband
Lyndon B. Johnson – promiscuous, oversexed and uncouth slob
Richard Nixon – Moral but paranoid – almost a recluse
Gerald Ford – True gentleman
Jimmy Carter – Complete phony that puts on acts for the public
Ronald Reagan – Really packed a pistol and treated everyone with respect and honor
George H.W. Bush – Extremely kind and considerate
Bill Clinton – Not trustworthy as was his wife
* Al Gore – ‘an egotistical ass’
George W Bush – Physically fit
* Laura Bush – One of the nicest First Ladies
Obama – Clinton without the Chicks and has temper tantrums
* Michelle Obama (First Wookie) – Complete b****’-‘hates anybody who is not black.’


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