140226 – Trust Apple?

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Terrifying Hyperinflation

If Richard Russell is correct, we should shortly see new highs in various stock market indices and a further parade of record prices for tangibles at auctions and in the news.     Also, if hyperinflation is in our future, then gold and silver are dirt cheap today.     He goes on to say that the prices of everything will be rising until at some point hyperinflation finally takes over.

Successful and Dead

It seems to be a trend nowadays…    Bankers dropping like flies.     Former National Bank of Commerce CEO James Stuart Jr. was found dead in Scottsdale, Arizona.    This brings the total of reported banker deaths in recent weeks to 9.

Housing Market Blown Down

And the big bad wolf huffed and he puffed and it was not him that caused the housing market to plummet by 16% in January compared to December — the biggest drop since February 2011.     Don’t believe the weather chatter.     It’s a systemic problem that isn’t going to move on with the Polar Vortex.

Agents Infiltrate Websites

Government agents infiltrating websites was the hallmark of conspiracy theories until Edward Snowden.     Now, released classified documents, by Ed Snowden, detail how NSA agents infiltrate, disrupt and discredit those who speak out against government tyranny.     Please take some time to review this informative classified presentation at Zerohedge.

Apple Flaw?

Apple executives have announced that there was a ‘bug’ in their operating system; however, after recent revelations, by Edward Snowden, cyber-security experts are openly asking if the so-called flaw was, in fact, an NSA backdoor to Apple’s victims err…  Clients.      Those at Apple are finding that trust is easy to lose but nearly impossible to regain.

20 Tips To Get Through an Economic Meltdown

Here are a few without going into detail…
1. Become self-entertaining.
2. Use what you have.
3. Recognize that frugal is not a dirty word.
4. Be a nice person.
5. Prepare your mindset.

Surviving Martial Law

Without going into detail, here are a few points to remember to survive martial law…
1. No body that represents any form of authority, past or present, should be trusted.
2. When the military does drop by, hide your contempt.
3. Make sure you turn up for any food and/or water hand outs.
4. Consider alternative means of communications.    Perhaps even using smoke signals using soon-to-be worthless dollar bills as tender.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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Storm Clouds Gather Over Monti’s Italy Reform Drive

Appointed, last November by Central bankers, Mario Monti reforms have reached a stumbling block… The people of Italy. Yes folks, Monti is facing severe push-back from the opposition to the point that forced him to abandon immediate implementation of his austerity plans. Maybe the folks are looking at Iceland as an example.

€1 Trillion May Not Be Enough

Germany, after much push-back, dropped its opposition to the €1 Trillion firewall. Sadly for those in the EU, this firewall is not enough to cover Spain, much less Italy, when it goes under. When the next crash occurs, which is not really far off folks, it will be much much worse.

Justice Breyer on Obamacare

In promising that he had not read the 2700 page Deathcare fiasco, he said it would be unreasonable for the justices to spend a year trying to see what is good and what is bad in the law. Hey Brenner… It was passed before it was read; therefore, the whole thing is bad.

Actual Media Proof They Are Blacking Out Ron Paul!

Please watch this video as the news media tries to play up two thousand people at a political event when Ron Paul gets over 5000 people easy. No wonder the media is dying before our eyes.

EPA Drops Order Against Range Resources

The EPA, after recent spankings by the United States Supreme Court, dropped its politically motivated order against a Texas based range resources outfit over water contamination during an election year. Guess the EPA did not want further judicial spankings this year; however, that agency, in its current criminal form, should be dissolved.

Punk Economics

Although set from an Irish perspective, this is a great artistic economic lesson on why inflation is rampant.  Welcome to the year of the Central Banks everyone!

New Jersey Town Considers Charging For Emergency Calls.

The cash-strapped New Jersey Town of Passaic is considering charging fees on emergency calls to its property tax paying citizens. How Does $1,000 For House Fires And $600 For Car Fires Grab You? Makes one wonder why the citizens are paying taxes anymore. The fees, of course, would be paid by insurance companies, that in turn, will jack up their premiums.

Hang on to Gold, Massive Collapse Coming

Richard Russell believes that sooner or later we will be subject to a major correction that will wipe out or correct 60 years of inflation and leveraging. When that happens, you will want to own the only kind of money that the Fed can’t destroy. In short, keep stacking.

Finally, Please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day