140226 – Trust Apple?

Today’s Items:

Terrifying Hyperinflation

If Richard Russell is correct, we should shortly see new highs in various stock market indices and a further parade of record prices for tangibles at auctions and in the news.     Also, if hyperinflation is in our future, then gold and silver are dirt cheap today.     He goes on to say that the prices of everything will be rising until at some point hyperinflation finally takes over.

Successful and Dead

It seems to be a trend nowadays…    Bankers dropping like flies.     Former National Bank of Commerce CEO James Stuart Jr. was found dead in Scottsdale, Arizona.    This brings the total of reported banker deaths in recent weeks to 9.

Housing Market Blown Down

And the big bad wolf huffed and he puffed and it was not him that caused the housing market to plummet by 16% in January compared to December — the biggest drop since February 2011.     Don’t believe the weather chatter.     It’s a systemic problem that isn’t going to move on with the Polar Vortex.

Agents Infiltrate Websites

Government agents infiltrating websites was the hallmark of conspiracy theories until Edward Snowden.     Now, released classified documents, by Ed Snowden, detail how NSA agents infiltrate, disrupt and discredit those who speak out against government tyranny.     Please take some time to review this informative classified presentation at Zerohedge.

Apple Flaw?

Apple executives have announced that there was a ‘bug’ in their operating system; however, after recent revelations, by Edward Snowden, cyber-security experts are openly asking if the so-called flaw was, in fact, an NSA backdoor to Apple’s victims err…  Clients.      Those at Apple are finding that trust is easy to lose but nearly impossible to regain.

20 Tips To Get Through an Economic Meltdown

Here are a few without going into detail…
1. Become self-entertaining.
2. Use what you have.
3. Recognize that frugal is not a dirty word.
4. Be a nice person.
5. Prepare your mindset.

Surviving Martial Law

Without going into detail, here are a few points to remember to survive martial law…
1. No body that represents any form of authority, past or present, should be trusted.
2. When the military does drop by, hide your contempt.
3. Make sure you turn up for any food and/or water hand outs.
4. Consider alternative means of communications.    Perhaps even using smoke signals using soon-to-be worthless dollar bills as tender.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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