150531 – Grecian Hell

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Grecian Hell

Greece now has less than a week before it defaults on its June 5th payment to the IMF, a payment which it can’t make simply because it ran out of money even before its last “payment” to the IMF on May 12th. If Greece manages to kick the can again, Europe’s most devastated country still has multi-billion euro payments until 2057. In short, it will be hell for Greece.

Economy is Shrinking Again

The first-quarter GDP of the U.S. contracted at a 0.7% annualized rate. The blame is being placed on a rising intrinsically worthless U.S. dollar compared to the other Monopoly currencies. The rising dollar has made U.S. exports more expensive, hurting domestic industries. What is interesting is that gems and precious metals, at over $65 billion, is number 7 in the top 10 U.S. exports. Anyway, in all first quarters since 1947, the real annual rate of growth of GDP has averaged 4.0%; however, in the seven first quarters during Obama’s reign of terror, GDP has declined by an average of 0.43%.

Work in Retirement

Retirement used to mean the end of work. But now we’re at a tipping point; in that, a majority of people will be continuing to work after they retire for the following reasons…
1. Increasing life expectancy which many retirement plans cannot compensate for.
2. Elimination of pensions for most workers.
3. Economic uncertainty.

Texas Rain

According to the National Weather Service, over 35 trillion gallons of rain fell in Texas in just the month of May alone. That is enough to fill up California’s 200 largest surface reservoirs three times over or supply enough water for the world’s population with 10,000 days of drinking water if everyone drinks 64 ounces a day. Perhaps, the citizens of Detroit would like some water since the city began shutting off water to those behind on their water payments.

Walmart’s Razor Wire

Officials at Walmart stated that the reason they put razor wire on the roof of their closed Walmart in Cincinnati is to protect the expensive copper piping. This is ridiculous as this is done no where else and why would there be a hidden police car staked out at this location? Could I now get a visit from the FBI like those having concerns about Jade Helm? We will see.

Vaccines Kill

Three independent pathologists confirm that vaccines were responsible for the death of a newborn baby, in Michigan, just days after receiving eight vaccinations on schedule. Unfortunately, the likely paid-off medical examiner was bent against implicating vaccines as a possible cause and ruled the death was sudden infant death syndrome.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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