150528 – Bankers Failed

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Bankers Failed!

More people are waking up to the reality of large banks rigging markets. For example, when Western bankers, under the U.S., tried to reduce the Russian Ruble to “rubble” by going after the energy sector, then gold, they failed. What is interesting, is that now, so far in 2015, the strongest currency of the year is the Ruble as Russia continues to build up their gold reserves.

No Longer Undervalued

David Lipton, the Washington-based IMF’s first deputy managing director, no longer believes China’s tightly controlled currency is undervalued. He also said Beijing should work toward having a floating exchange rate in two to three years. Is that before or after they back their currency with gold?

Drowning in Debt

According to the European chief executive of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, the world is sinking under too much debt and an aging global population means countries’ debt piles are in danger of growing out of control. While countries like Norway, Russia, Peru, and Greenland have low debt-to-GDP ratios, many countries, like the U.S., China, Brazil, and India are drowning in debt.

Missing Badges

Washington lawmakers are demanding an accounting of how many airport security badges have been lost or stolen around the country. Missing badges? What exactly did the clowns in Washington think was going to happen when they authorized the TSA to higher their screeners by advertising on pizza boxes?

IRS Hacked

Officials at the IRS, the agency that targets those opposed to Obama, stated that hackers used an IRS online service to access information from more than 100,000 taxpayers. These idiots stated that they would be notifying taxpayers whose information was accessed and you can bet that no one at the IRS will be held accountable for placing people’s information in jeopardy.

7 Things to Consider

When diversifying your wealth into precious metals and away from intrinsically worthless fiat notes, here are a few of the seven things to consider…
1. Tangibility that is free of counter-party risk.
2. The number of ounces.
3. Functionality, where multiple coins, or ingots, trade better than large heavy bars.


The economy is likely doing a lot worse than people believe since McDonalds plans to stop reporting monthly same-store sales results. They have already had 11 straight months of declining global comparable-store sales. Guess people are not ‘Lovin it.’

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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