150604 – Phony Trade Bill

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Syria Helping ISIS?

Since the rise of ISIS, the nation of Syria has been fighting a three way civil war between the Assad regime, the supposedly moderate rebels, and the extremists that broke off from said rebels, now called ISIS that are supported by the U.S. and trained by the CIA in Jordan. So, why would, according to the U.S. government, Syria now be aiding ISIS? Is it because of the whole ISIS narrative is falling apart? We will see.

Freedom Act

It appears; in regards to the unconstitutional NSA spying program, that American’s freedoms have gone from the skillet to the fire. Many celebrated the fictitious sunset of the NSA spying program; however, Ron Paul is warning that it is back under the USA Freedom Act that it has nothing to do with freedom. In addition, it is likely that many in the CIA secret government believe they are above the Constitution and do not have to answer to the likes of Obama or the courts.

Phony Trade Bill

Wikileaks has gotten their hands on a copy of Obama’s phony trade bill and out of 29 chapters in the bill, only 5 pertain to trade. They will publish the secret bill where it will show that multinational companies have a huge advantage on trade. In short, it will effectively turn U.S. laws over to large corporations. John Boehner wants to pass it before anyone can read it as it is still hidden in the Capital basement.

Fort Knox Compromised

Every year, the gold in Fort Knox is ‘audited’ by checking the official joint seals that were placed on all vault compartments during the continuing audits of U.S.-owned gold from 1974 until 1986, when allegedly 97% of the gold was inspected. With that in mind, why would there be multiple missing audits from 1975, 78, 81, 86 and 87? Time for an independent physical audit check on the gold. If there is any.

Most Respected?

Obama is taking credit for claiming that the U.S. is the most respected country in the world. One may ask on what world he cam make such a claim when considering that when world leaders were pictured in Beijing, Obama was delegated to the far left side the picture with the wives.

Federal Breach

The Office of Personnel Management and the Interior Department were hacked as government officials scramble to assess the impact of a massive data breach. And Hillary’s homemade server was just fine and never was at any risk of being compromised?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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