150412- Markets Rigged

Today’s Items:

Chinese Steel

China’s steel and metals markets, a barometer of the world’s largest economy, shows plummeting demand. Falling demand from China has been a major factor in the collapse of iron ore prices. 2016 is likely to be an even tougher year than 2015 for prices as China steel production declines persist.

Fiscal Volatility

Citing lower state tax revenue, officials at the White House are warning that states need to be much more prepared for very volatile fiscal conditions. They go on to say that state governments have a little more than half the reserves they had stashed away before the 18 month recession that supposedly ended in 2009.

All Markets Rigged

With stock prices rushing far ahead of economic reality over the last six or so years, more experts in the financial markets are coming to the same conclusion, even if they don’t fully understand how, that stock markets, and likely other financial markets, are being rigged. Well, Duh!!!

Coming Gold Rush

Official sources indicate that there is a total of 177,000 metric tons of gold that has been mined in the world, with approximately 12,780 metric tons of gold mined before 1493. Since the Western U.S. Dollar based monetary system is headed for a train wreck, there will be a lot of worthless dollars chasing after physical assets and that is when the paper games for gold will end.

Encryption Solution?

If this is to be believed, the head of the NSA has provided a hint of a technical solution to the problem of allowing government access to encrypted data on smartphones without compromising the security of law-abiding customers. Yeah, right! Anyway, it would require technology companies to create a digital key that is divided into pieces; such that no one person, or agency, could use it. Unfortunately, with the revelation that tech companies are already working with the government, no one with an IQ greater than their shoe size would fall for this scheme unless they were in on it.


Days after the Iran deal, the Pentagon, fearing an EMP nuclear attack have plans to reopen the Cheyenne Mountain Air Defense facility, which housed the heart of America’s air and missile defense of North America… Also known as NORAD that was closed in 2006. Shall we play a game?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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