150416 – Tax Dollars & Deficits

Today’s Items:

Greece Debt Default?

One day, Greece is paying back its debt, the next, they are preparing to declare a debt default. A Greek default would represent an unprecedented shock to Europe’s 16-year-old monetary union. So, could this be the domino that starts the global crash? We will see.

Tax Dollars

Out of every tax dollar brought in, 27 cents went to the military, 26.5 cents went to Medicare and health and 15.3 cents went to pay the federal debt. Needless to say, politicians continue to spend money with a dangerous sense of entitlement.

Higher Taxes, Spending, and Deficits

According to the Congressional Budget Office, in the first half of fiscal 2015, taxes brought in over $1.3 trillion while the government spent over $1.7 trillion which yielded a deficit of $430 billion. This isn’t going to last much longer folks.

Labor Department Priorities

Officials at the U.S. Labor Department have announced $13 million in grants to promote employment to at-risk youth in El Salvador and Honduras. Meanwhile, here in the U.S., youth unemployment is rising and is over 12%.

New Home Sales

The housing market is in such a recovery; such that, because of of demand, or there lack of, lumber prices are in free fall and have fallen 3% in one day. The economy is beginning to deteriorate at an accelerating rate. Every day, homebuilder stocks, along with the stock market as a whole, is pushed higher by the Fed as it becomes more dislocated from reality.

AR-15 Ammo Hypocrisy

Just weeks after the ATF backed down in trying to disarm Americans by denying them AR-15 rounds, the Department of Homeland Insecurity is in the process of purchasing over 62 million more rounds of AR-15 ammo. Of course, this is just another attempt to restrict supply using taxpayer money.

Walmart Plumbing Issues?

Walmart officials announced that they are closing 5 stores throughout the country for six months because of plumbing issues. Given the fact that Walmart makes contractors jump through hoops; so that, this would not happen, something is full of crap and it isn’t the Walmart bathrooms. This is likely in preparation for the military so-called exercise ‘Jade Helm 2015’ that starts July 15th.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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