150319 – Financial Kamikaze

Today’s Items:

Swedish Central Bank

Sweden is a member of the European Union but not of the Eurozone. This is how Sweden’s central bank can take their key interest rate to negative 0.25% and are buying their government bonds. Can you say monetizing the debt?

Financial Kamikaze

The situation with Japan’s Central bank is, at best… comical. At worst… horrifying. Not only is the Bank of Japan directly propping up the market for Japanese government bonds. It’s doing the same with thier stock market. Gee, that almost sounds like the situation with the Fed and U.S. Treasuries. Anyway, the Bank of Japan is set to buy $1.4 trillion of government bonds under its current QE program as the Japanese government, the second largest foreign holder of U.S. debt, continues to go deeper in debt.

US and UK Divided

The UK was the first non-regional western country to become a prospective founder member of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. This bank, along with the BRICS bank, are alternatives to the Western predatory financial system. Needless to say, the banksters in Washington are not happy as the UK tries to find a way to remain relevant in the face of a changing world.

Fed Confusion?

We are led to believe that the Fed is going to raise their interest rates in June. They claim they are seeing positive signs in the economy as the U.S. dollar gets stronger. Folks! The Fed raising interest rates, with the current national debt levels, is as likely as Obama following the U.S. Constitution.

Obama’s Climate Problem

Obama claims that it is disturbing that the chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, doesn’t believe that climate change is real. What is far more disturbing is the fact that we have an anti-American president who is a Muslim Brotherhood supporter. Anyway, one needs to be skeptical of environmental hysteria in light of the latest revelation that U.N. computer models have overstated global warming. Besides, remember when Al Gore predicted the North Pole would be ice free in 2013?

GMO Imperialism

Around the world, global markets for GMO foods and crops have increasingly been hampered by bio-safety regulations and other measures over the past 10 years or so. Unfortunately, a number of American corporations and foundations, like Monsanto and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, are forcing unwilling African countries to accept costly and untested GMOs.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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