150322 – Stuffing the Mattress

Today’s Items:

U.S. Abandoned by Japan?

After the UK jumped onboard, Japan’s Finance Minister is openly considering joining the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank if it could guarantee a credible mechanism for providing loans. You know its bad when the Japanese are starting to bail on Washington. Of course, Japan has a lot more problems…

Japanese Pension Funds

Because of the Bank of Japan’s insane actions, Japanese public pension plans are also feeling the heat and are shifting to riskier assets like stocks. Just imagine the hysteria when their stock market goes down.

Greek Mattress

Greek citizens debate a future which may include the suspension of salaries, pension fund plundering, and capital controls. Between December and February, over 22 billion euros have left the banking system in Greece and of this, 10 billion or 45% went under the mattress.

Oil Price Layoffs

Keeping in mind that the job growth seen in America, since 2009, came primarily from the oil and gas industry, the fact that over 100,000 energy jobs have been lost, due to low oil prices, does not bold well for the economy. While Obama has personally taken credit for the low oil prices, will he also take credit for the subsequent job losses? Right!

Food Stamp Cards

Increasingly, food stamp EBT cards are becoming a common currency for purchasing illegal drugs. What ever happened to the good ole days of government


Retirement Savings

Retirement experts suggest at least 4 times pre-retirement annual income to live a minimally comfortable retirement. With that said, according to the National Institute on Retirement Security report, half of all working-age households have saved less than $2,500 for retirement. In addition, people approaching retirement, aged 55 to 64, the median retirement savings balance is only $14,500. In short, many people can expect to work to the day they die.

Dreamer Approved Murder

The murder suspect in the slaying of several people in North Carolina, including a former “America’s Next Top Model” is an illegal immigrant shielded from deportation by Obama in 2013. If true, this is even more blood on Obama’s hands.

Formal Separation Agreement

State Department employees who do not sign the required “formal separation agreement” can have “dire consequences.” So, where is your’s Hillary? Also, why are Freedom of Information Act requests by News organizations suddenly missing Hillary? What difference, at this point, does it make?

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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