150315 – CDC Perjury

Today’s Items:

Snowballing ISIS

CIA Director John Brennan said that the CIA created ISIS had “snowballed” beyond Iraq and Syria and has over 20,000 fighters against the U.S.. It would be nice if the CIA would pick a side and stick to it, or better yet… Just stick it. Anyway, we are now going to hear more about the need of a war tax to support the war effort… Despite the fact that military spending makes up more than 20% of the U.S. total deficit spending spree and that there is no strategy in place to combat terrorists and the war on terror has always been a war on the U.S. Constitution.

China Deflation

In 2011, wage inflation in China was rampant with minimum salary hikes. Now, according to a survey, the average salary in Shanghai, and the four largest Chinese cities, fell from last year’s 7,214 yuan a month to 6,518 yuan citing business reasons.

Gold Loses Its Glitter

Gold has taken a beating since a stronger than expected U.S. jobs report and the Fed likely to raise interest rates. Alright everyone, if you believe any of the manipulated job reports and the idea that the Fed is going to raise interest rates with the current U.S. debt, it’s time to sell all of your gold, and silver for that matter, and just keep those intrinsically worthless U.S. Dollar notes.

CDC Perjury

During a recent congressional hearing, National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases Director Dr. Anne Schuchat, told Congress that there is absolutely no scientific evidence that vaccines cause autism, mental disorders, allergies, or autoimmune disease. Really? No evidence? So why are multiple cases where families of autism victims were awarded judgments for vaccine injury? Sounds like Perjury folks!

FAA vs. 1st Amendment

Under existing FAA guidelines, if you record a drone flight video and post it on Youtube, you may be breaking the law if an automatic advertisement is launched within the video because you are now using your video in a commercial capacity. Aside from privacy concerns, this appears to be an assault on the first Amendment.

Gun Rights Still Targeted

Fifty-two senators, 238 House members, police public disagreement, and 80,000 public comments have forced the ATF to pull back on their AR-15 bullet ban that was likely dictated by Obama. Make no mistake, they were testing the water yet again and they will try and try again until people are held financially, and criminally, accountable for unconstitutional actions.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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