150312 – Alternatives to Banks

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Treaties are Agreements

According to the U.S. Constitution, only the U.S. Senate can ratify treaties, which are formal agreements between governments; however, John ‘Frankenstein’ Kerry states that Congress cannot modify any Iran-U.S. nuclear agreement. Yes, the slime-ball that likely purple-hearted himself out of Vietnam is helping Obama double down on unconstitutional actions. What is not widely known is that John ‘Frankenstein’ Kerry’s daughter is married to an Iranian and I do not mean Valerie Jarrett who was born in Iran… No conflict of interest here.

NSA Hackers

Time-date stamp and other evidence appears to tie the NSA to a nearly omnipotent group of hackers who operated undetected for at least 14 years. This is the group that likely sabotaged Iranian uranium enrichment efforts in 2009 or so. Wonder if executives at Sony know about this?

Food Stamps

We are told that we are in an economic recovery. Yes, the economic recovery is so strong that food stamp beneficiaries exceed 46 million for the 40 straight month. In other words, 19.6% of American households have been using food stamps for over 40 months.

Alternatives to Banks

43% of Americans do not trust their bank because of ease of confiscation, surveillance, and bank fees. Even credit unions are on the system. So, where to possibly store one’s wealth? One should have six months in emergency cash reserves. After that, gold and silver retain their value far better in the long run, and can be easily liquidated if an emergency arises and it becomes necessary to obtain soon-to-be worthless fiat currency.

Fabricated Trials

Despite having hundreds of millions of dollars, at its disposal, to hire a high-powered legal team, the ballooning federal case against Merck, one of the largest vaccine manufacturers, is damning to the company indeed. Fake statements and faked clinical trials in connection to their mumps vaccine, by Merck officials, makes the idea that vaccines are unsafe and ineffective more credible.

Suspicious Fires

Suspicious fires have twice kept Al Sharpton from complying with turning over financial records. Once in 1997 and again in December of 2014. Despite damning evidence; such as flammable liquids, the investigations were suddenly closed without an arrest. One should wonder if Al Sharpton will be making a special visit to Hillary’s house where her email server is located in the very near future. Especially if Hillary violated federal law by signing the usual State Department exit forms without turning over all relevant records to the State Department.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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