150310 – China SWIFT Alternative

Today’s Items:

China’s SWIFT Alternative

When Russia set up their own alternative to SWIFT, which is used for all international monetary transactions, China saw how easy it was and now they have set up their own version that could go live in September or October and will not rely on the U.S. Dollar for transactions. Another example of unintended consequences with the U.S. Dollar ultimately on the losing side.

Greenspan Confessions?

Alan Greenspan believes that within five years, gold will be “measurably higher” than current levels because of the excess liquidity, due to trillions of dollars pumped into the system, that will eventually be released into the open market. Did Greenspan receive a terminal diagnosis from Obamawreck?

London Gold

Here are some questions about HSBC suddenly announcing the quick closure of their 7 London gold vaults…
1. What could possibly be the “business consideration” for HSBC to close all 7 of their London gold vaults?
2. Why was only a 2 month notice given to customers of such a monumental decision?
3. Will the GLD ETF vaults stay open?
4. Which major “safe”, “well-respected” bullion banking storage facility will be next to fall?
In short, keep stacking physical because the paper games will end.

Hillary Email Scandal

Here are some questions about Hillary Clinton and her emails…
1. Are we supposed to believe Obama didn’t send confidential information when he admittedly emailed Hillary at her private email address?
2. Which is more damning? Sarah Palin using a public Yahoo email account or Hillary using a private email server located in her house?
3. Why are there months and months of gaps in emails turned over by Hillary to the House committee investigating Benghazi?
4. Why are Hillary’s lap dogs now claiming that this scandal is sexist?

GMO Ethics

By changing the language from GMO to “genome editing”, Monsanto, Bayer, Dow, and other poison distributors, are trying to introduce their crap to the public without regulations. Keep in mind, laws and regulations are only for those with ethics.

Obama LIE-brary

Obama will hold off on announcing the location for his future presidential library until after Chicago’s runoff election for mayor. He may be the first president to have 3 branches…. One in Chicago, Washington D.C., and Hawaii to hold all of his crap.

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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