141208 – Minimum Wage is Zero

Today’s Items:

Japan’s Contraction

Japan, with its lost decade, is further along in the economic collapse than many other nations and should be seen as a precursor to what is to come. Japan’s economic contraction of negative 1.9% in the third quarter was deeper than initially expected and it will likely get worse.

Federal Spending

In 2014, federal spending per household is nearly $29,000. This speaks volumes, considering that in 2014, the average household income about $54,000. To pay for this spending spree, federal taxes, alone, would have to be more than 50%!


People are either catching on that the food quality at McDonald’s is horrible or the global economy is in trouble. In fact, global sales are the worst in nearly 12 years at negative 4.6%. And, this is happening with lower oil prices.

Stock Repurchasers

Apple, Monsanto, Intel, Exxon, and Microsoft are the largest repurchasers of their own stock in the third quarter of 2014. Perhaps, they do not want to be accountable to their shareholders?


In another dog bites man story, Pelosi stated that Chuck Schumer’s remark on the missed opportunity, because of Obamawreck, was “beyond comprehension.” Of course, the act of one plus one is beyond her comprehension. Speaking of math…

Math Challenged Common Core

Common Core’s dumbing-down curriculum postpones the following math learning areas…
1. proficiency in whole-number division from grade 5 to grade 6
2. teaching relationships between fractions and decimals from grade 5 to grade 7
3. first algebra course from grade 8 to grade 9.
If this keeps up, our high school graduates will have third-grade math skills, and be labeled “proficient.”

Obama’s Chef Leaves

Obama’s personal taxpayer-funded chef is calling it quits; thus, Obama may have to settle for Michelle’s cooking. If you thought Obama looked skinny now, he may soon look like he has anorexia.

Seattle’s Stupidity

Raising the minimum wage 50% to $15 per hour; so that, those making the minimum wage will have more to spend may sound like a good idea until reality sets in. Where are the employers going to get the money to offset the massive increase in labor costs from this and Obamawreck? Businesses, with this insanity, will have to raise prices dramatically, cut back hours, and let people go. Seattle… You’re screwed!

Finally, please prepare now for the escalating economic and social unrest. Good Day!

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